Application Research of Computers 2013 Issue 4 Research on energy saving algorithm of datacenter in cloud computing system
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Application Research of Computers
2013 Issue 4
Research on energy saving algorithm of datacenter in cloud computing system
ZHANG Xiao-qing;HE Zhong-tang;LI Chun-lin;ZHANG Heng-xi;QIAN Qiong-fen,970
Survey of research on SVC-based P2P streaming systems
SONG Jun-ping;ZHANG Yan;ZHOU Xu;TANG Hui;BAI Fan;ZHAO Zhi-feng
Live virtual machine migration algorithms
CHANG De-cheng;XU Gao-chao
Survey of efficient cloud storage method based on interference alignment
HUANG Qian;WANG Liu-su;XIE Xian-zhong,985
Research of continuing binary particle swarm optimization
CHENG Mei-ying;QIAN Qian;XIONG Wei-qing;ZHOU Ming-zheng
Improved ISPO algorithm based on Gaussian mutation
XIA Wei;CHENG Mu-xin;LIU Man-dan,992
Double objective area optimization of distributed generation
GUAN Wan-lin;TAN Yang-hong;YU Hui,1027
Improved PSO to dynamic scheduling problem of bottleneck in emergency
yang qin ; liao bin ; wu qiu qin ; li jin qi
Artificial glowworm swarm optimization algorithm for 0-1 knapsack problem
CHENG Kui;MA Liang,998
Fast floorplanning algorithm based on Slicing structure
DU Shi-min;XIA Yin-shui;LUO Zuo
Hybrid real-time tasks' scheduling with virtual characteristic parameters and its application
HU Yan-xiong;ZHAO Wei-na;ZHOU Ping-fang;DUAN Deng-ping,1020
Multi-level fuzzy situation assessment method based on best clustering criteria
xiao chun jing ; qiao yong wei ; he huai qing ; li jian fu
Incremental double sequence algorithm of concept lattice union
YAO Jia-min;YANG Si-chun;LI Xin-lei;PENG Yue-e
Endogenous timing of supply chain with dominant retailer and direct channel
LIU Jun;TAN De-qing,1043
Weighted cluster fusion algorithm based on graph
XIE Yue-shan;FAN Xiao-ping;LIAO Zhi-fang;YIN Hong-lian;LUO Hao,1034
Random optimal clustering algorithm based on complex annealing method
ZHAO Kai;LI Sheng-jin;BAI Xue;ZHAO Feng
Hybrid optimization method based on differential evolution and immune clonal selection algorithm
YE Hong-tao;LUO Wen-guang;WU Yan
Information sharing behavior prediction of online social network users
LIU Chen;TIAN Zhan-wei;YU Jing;SHAN Wei
Personalized recommendation method based on both tag and time factors
TU Jin-long;TU Feng-hua,1054
Improved reliability allocation algorithm of engine crank rod system
CHEN Guo-hua;ZHANG Gen-bao;LI Dong-ying;XIONG Wei
Certificate-path construction algorithm using selected factor
WANG Xin;CHENG Li-min;JIANG Hua;LIU Jian-ming,1063
Web services selection research based on CloudSim
LI Shu-zhi;LIU Feng;YANG Shu-xin,1075
Relevant random subspace-based clustering ensemble for categorical data
MA Hai-feng;LIU Yu-xi
Research on behavior trust evaluation model of cloud services based on membership theory
XIE Li-jun;ZHU Zhi-qiang;SUN Lei;PAN Ning
Semi-supervised learning in imbalanced sample set classification
YU Chong-chong;SHANG Li-li;TAN Li;TU Xu-yan;YANG Yang
Similarity search of well-logging curve based on morphological characteristics
SHANG Fu-hua;MA Nan;DU Rui-shan,1081
Application of heterogeneous information fusion in multi-criteria assessment of wind turbines
ZHOU An-mei;YU De-jie;LI Rong;LIU Jian
Weighted directed graph model for searching optimal travel routes by public transport
YAO Chun-long;LI Xu;SHEN Lan
Orientation analysis algorithm for blog text in green network
Multi-objective team formation optimization for software development
ZHANG Lian-ying;ZHANG Xiang
Forecast model for product design time based on probabilistic support vector regression
SHANG Zhi-gen;YAN Hong-sen,1104
Lag synchronization and simulation by Simulink of new four dimensional hyperchaotic system
CHAI Xiu-li;KONG Qing-mei;DONG Chun-chen
Distributed context-aware complex event processing method
WANG Yong-heng;CAO Ke-ning;ZHANG Xiao-ming
LVS cluster system based on cookie session maintenance
SUN Tian-hao;CHEN Fei;DENG Jun-kun
Power interference removal algorithm based on kernel method
GUO Yan-ju;CHEN Lei;CHEN Guo-ying;LI Qiang
Optimal power allocation scheme based on minimizing outage probability in two-path relay system
FANG Heng-gang;LI Li;ZHANG Jing;LUO Han-wen,1160
Human falling detection based on accelerometer
LU Xian-ling;WANG Hong-bin;WANG Ying-ying;XU Bao-guo,1115
Performance analysis of M-Charm rate adaptation algorithm in Rayleigh fiat fading channel
SHI Shuai;WANG Mei;FU Jie-lin,1135
Research on out-of-vocabulary words' recognition in Uyghur-Chinese machine translation
MI Cheng-gang;WANG Lei;YANG Ya-ting;CHEN Ke-hai
Multi-topologies method to solve lookup locality problem of DHT
Partial CSI based affinity propagation dynamic clustering algorithm
RAN Xiao-min;TONG Min;MO You-quan,1151
Connectivity based geographical opportunistic routing protocol for vehicular Ad hoc networks
LIU Jie;TANG Lun;GONG Pu;CHEN Qian-bin
Congestion control solution to avoid and remove congestion for delay-tolerant network
DU Xue-hui;CHEN Xing-yuan;WANG Na;CAO Li-feng
High-precision synchronization acquisition for multiple sensors of hydrophone array based on phase locked loop
CHANG Zong-jie;DUAN Fa-jie;JIANG Jia-jia;CHEN Jin;HUA Xiang-ning;LI Yan-chao,1165
Topology formation algorithm for P2P streaming system based on complex network
GONG Shang-fu;ZHU Jian-lei;FENG Jian
Research of data-scheduling algorithm in concurrent multipath transfer
TAO Yang;ZHANG Chuan-xin;DAI Qian;LI Pan
Optimal path selection for mobile sink in dense wireless sensor networks
ZHOU Tao;GAO Mei-feng
Sensing based precoding optimization in cognitive MIMO spectrum sharing system
XIA Hong-xing;DING Yao-ming;ZHANG Guo-ping
Research on cooperative DSR routing protocols based on congestion control in 3GPP
YUAN Gui-xia;CHENG Hong-bing
Mobility protocol for 6LoWPAN
WANG Xiao-nan;QIAN Huan-yan
Algebraic fault attack on LED light-weight block cipher
JI Ke-ke;WANG Tao;ZHAO Xin-jie;LIU Hui-ying
Detecting tag spam in social tagging systems with kernel K-means clustering and semi-definite programming SVM
QIN Hua;DING Li-duo;FU Li-jin;QIN Xi,1186
Research on rate control algorithm of encoder side under wireless noise channel
ZHU Jin-xiu;LI Li,1178
Application of frequent pattern based outlier mining in intrusion detection
Executable file backdoor steganographic algorithm with highly efficient
ZHANG Meng;CHEN Gou-xi;ZHANG Peng-cheng,1204
XML document latent information extraction algorithm based on D-S evidence theory
CHEN Hua-cheng;DU Xue-hui;CHEN Xing-yuan;XIA Chun-tao
Research on permutations properties of Keccak-like nonlinear transformation
LI Qian-nan;LI Yun-qiang;JIANG Shu-jing
Color video watermarking algorithm based on lifting wavelet transform and DCT
XIONG Xiang-guang;WANG Li;WANG Duan-li,1197
Single image blind motion deblurring with sparse representation
LI Xin-yi;LIU Ning-zhong;WANG Lin-ning
Modified firewall rules matching algorithm
LI Zhong;LI Xiao
Physical layer security scenario using artificial noise in correlation MISO channel
SHEN Shao-jun;HUANG Kai-zhi;LI Yin-hai
Research of 3D reconstruction and filtering algorithm based on depth information of Kinect
CHEN Xiao-ming;JIANG Le-tian;YING Ren-dong
Renyi entropy thresholding algorithm based on rebuilding and dimension reduction of 3D histogram
WANG Fei-fei;GONG Qu;NI Lin;LIAO Wu-zhong
Application of optical flow in locomotive safe driving
YAN Qiang;HUANG Zeng-xi;CAO Li-ping;HUANG Rong-gang,1233
Improvement of top-hat based on soft morphology
LIN Xiao;ZHOU Da-ke;HU Yang-ming
Water wave detection based on texture characteristics
LI Gang;XIONG Ya-zhou;LIU Kang-ke;WANG Jian-hua
Adaptive robust watermarking algorithm based on SVD and wavelet packet transform
ZHU Guang;ZHANG Jun-liang
Bayesian network model construction in automatic interactive image segmentation
LI Peng;LI Ling;LI Min
Fast segmentation algorithm for solid-state nuclear track image
WU Ling;CHEN Nian-nian;WANG Li;SU Ming
Fuzzy image registration algorithms of sub-pixel level
CAO Jian-qiu;ZHAO Meng-meng
Image denoising based on structure clustering
LI Si-min;HE Kun;LONG Hui;ZHOU Ji-liu,1262
Medical image registration based on multi-resolution and Powell algorithm
ZHOU Qi-hui;SONG Yu-qing;CHEN Jian-mei;HAO Chao-ling;YAN Yan-hua
Single value decomposition based compressed sensing MRI reconstruction algorithm
WANG Xi-yu;YANG Xiao-mei;HU Xue-shu,1252
Gesture extraction and recognition research based on Kinect depth data
DENG Rui;ZHOU Ling-ling;YING Ren-dong,1274
Research on strain image using histogram-based speckle reduction algorithm
HE Ying-ni;SHAO Dang-guo;LIU Dong-quan
Virtual human skin deformation using Bézier curves
DENG Gang-feng;GAO Qin-he
Face recognition algorithm based on wavelet transform and 2DNMF
LI Kong-zhen;WANG Bing-he;LOU Hao;ZHENG Ye,1280
Multiple description of compressed sensing parallel processing algorithm based on OpenMP
WU Xiao-ting;DENG Jia-xian;REN Yu-li;YANG Yang