Application Research of Computers 2012 Issue 1 3D model retrieval algorithm based on slice-cutting
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Application Research of Computers
2012 Issue 1
3D model retrieval algorithm based on slice-cutting
XIA Ai-jun;SUN Shu-sen;ZENG Yong
Harmonic current detection based on asymmetric notch filter
ZHANG Jun-min,233
Modified united algorithm for reducing PAPR of MIMO-OFDM system
JIANG Yang;YUAN Min;CHEN Bi-yun;WANG Quan,277
Simulation and analysis on propagation of man-activated worms in P2P network
FENG Chao-sheng;YANG Jun;QING Yu;QIN Zhi-guang
Decision based on dynamic entropy gain of multi-dimensional attributes in trusted networks
FAN Yan-feng;YANG Zhi-xiao,311
Multi-step prediction of frequency-hopping sequences based on Bayesian networks
ZHANG Heng-wei;YANG You-long;ZHU Yuan-yuan
Solving Nash equilibrium for N-persons\' non-cooperative gamebased on immune particle swarm algorithm
JIA Wen-sheng;XIANG Shu-wen;YANG Jian-feng;HU Wen-sheng
Efficient secure multi-party function computation scheme for trust negotiation
PING Zhen-yu;LI Pei-feng;ZHU Qiao-ming
Semantic event detection based on ontology in surveillance video
CHEN Jiao-jiao;ZHANG Xiao-ru;ZHOU Yong-mei
Research and optimization of HITS based on theory of diffusion in Web mining
MA Rui-xin;DENG Gui-shi;WANG Xiao
Research on approach of part process case reusingbased on ontology mapping
YAN Jian;CHEN You-ling;LIU Wen-ke
Indoor positioning method based on space division using passive RFID
GAO Rui;CHENG Liang-lun;HU Xin,210
Adhered vehicles segmentation based on concavity analysis
WU Xin-sheng;LIU Yang;QI Qi-feng
Design and implementation of behavior monitoring system for browser extension
WANG Jian-gang;LI Xiao-hong;FENG Zhi-yong
Two modified algorithms for channel order estimation
TIAN Ying;GE Lin-dong;WANG Bin;MA Yan-qing
Multi-step predictive inverse control based on neural networks
WEI Dong;LIU Xi;ZHANG Long,228
Investigation of malware propagation model over wireless sensor network based on nodes\' diversity
YANG Xiong;ZHU Yu-guang;ZHA Zhi-qin;XIAO Xian-jian,321
Threshold group signature scheme with mandatory signature privilege subsets
CHEN Dao-wei;SHI Rong-hua;FAN Xiang-yu
Network congestion on small scale-time
SHAO Li-song;DAI Hua-dong;KONG Jin-zhu;ZHANG Jing,285
Classification approach of Chinese texts sentiment based on integrated features
ZHONG Jiang;DENG Shi-tao
MMSE-THP combined with receive beamforming for multi-user MIMO downlinks
QI Mei-juan;WU Yu-cheng
Parallel ant colony algorithm for weighted MAX-SAT
SUN Ru-xiang;TANG Tian-bing;LI Bing-hui
Nonlinear target tracking based on moving horizon estimation
FU Dong-li;CHAI Yi;WEI Shan-bi;ZHOU Hai-lin
Survey of massive data applications orientedInternet of things information service system
ZHOU Kai-le;DING Shuai;HU Xiao-jian
ERP system selection approach based on improved BOCR and FANP model
ZHOU Xiao-guang;LV Bo;ZHU Rong,122
Survey of on deployment and scheduling ofcable based mobile wireless sensor network
ZHONG Jing-wei;YUAN Xue-wen;LUO Geng-qiang,20
Analysis on efficient particle filter based track-before-detect
LIANG Xin-hua;PAN Quan;YANG Feng;HUANG Dong-min
Adaptive genetic algorithm optimized WNN approach for analogcircuit soft fault diagnosis
XIE Chun;SONG Guo-ming;JIANG Shu-yan;WANG Hou-jun
Web advertising configuration algorithm based on particle swarm optimization
CHEN Liang;ZHANG Mo-hua
Research on audio/video data recovery and online detection method ofP2P-TV for content monitoring
KANG Hao;HE Su;JIANG Zhi-hong;ZHANG Xin;FAN Peng-yi,196
Improved AP-CAPSA Chinese text structure analysis algorithm
LIU Ya-liang;LU Xuan-min;FENG Sha;WANG Xing-liang
Properties of traffic networks in urban agglomeration
WANG Guo-ming;LI Xia-miao;HU Zheng-dong,31
Research on image mosaic optimization algorithm based on SIFT feature detection
DANG Jian-wu;ZONG Yan;WANG Yang-ping
Design and implementation of dynamic emergency resourcesscheduling based on GIS
HU Ji-hua;ZHONG Guang-peng;YAN Guo-can,223
Stochastic inventory-transportation integrated optimization with time windows
DUAN Feng-hua;HE Xiao-nian
Research on connectivity for vehicular sensor networks based on directed diffusion
ZHENG Ming-cai;ZHAO Xiao-chao;ZHAO Jin-qin;LI Xin-guo
Point of interest recommendation method based on similarity between items
ZOU Yong-gui;WANG Jing;LIU Zhao-hong;XIA Ying,126
Particle swarm optimization algorithm based on adaptive Sigmoid inertia weight
HUANG Li;DU Wei-wei;DING Li-xin
Research on low complexity algorithm of optimum PTS technique
LI En-yu;ZOU Ben-jie;LIAO Hai-qian,134
2D face recognition based on 3D data and MMSV features
YUAN Li,378
Color image encryption algorithm based on Jerk system
CHEN Guo-lin;ZHANG Wei;LIU Jin-mei
Edge-based active contour model with adaptive varying stopping function
ZHOU Ben;HE Chuan-jiang;YUAN Ye
Research on probabilistic coverage control algorithm for wireless sensor network
ZHENG Si-hai;LI La-yuan;LI Yong
Research on seamless rendering of large scale terrain
DENG Bao-song;YU Rong-huan;QIN Fang-yu;WU Ling-da,385
Log-Gabor and 2D semi-supervised discriminant analysis based face image retrieval
HUANG Rong-bing;LANG Fang-nian;SHI Zhan
Research on cryptography based access control
MA Kang;CHEN Song-zheng,315
Block-classified side information generation algorithm with bidirectional motion estimation and weight decision
CHEN Zu-jue;CHEN Yuan;DONG Liang;JIANG Xiao-ming;LI Jie
Fast method on building human skeleton model
ZHAO Xiao-dong;LI Qi-pan;WANG Zhi-cheng
Study on stealth target detection performance of polarimetric MIMO radar
LIAO Yu-yu;HE Zi-shu
Tensor gait recognition algorithm based on linear interpolation
BEN Xian-ye;AN Shi;WANG Jian;WANG Ke-jun
Research of clustering routing of wireless sensor network based on solar power supplying situation
ZHANG Yu-juan;FAN Xiao-ping;LIU Shao-qiang;CHEN Zhi-jie;QU Zhi-hua
Research on ASM based meta-model formalization semantics
LI Zhi-wei;XU Zhong-wei;WAN Yong-bing;LI Pan
Mechanism of fast context switching based on DSP
LIU Yue-ji;ZHANG Sheng-bing;HUANG Song-ren
3D face reconstruction using binocular vision
LIN Jing-liang;CHEN Yue-lin
Abandoned luggage detection method based on multi-layer codebook model
NING Wen-xin;WANG Gui-jin;HE Li;LIN Xing-gang,392
Extending research for ONE simulator of opportunistic network
WANG Zhen;WANG Xin-hua;SUI Jing-qi
Research on improved binary anti-collision algorithm
ZHOU Yan-cong;SUN Xiao-chen;GU Jun-hua,262
Analog circuit diagnosis based on particle swarm optimization radialbasis function network
SONG Li-wei;PENG Min-fang;TIAN Cheng-lai;SHEN Mei-e,111
Approximation concept lattice and incremental constructing algorithm
LIN Chun-jie;PU Jie-xin;ZHANG Rui-ling
RFID bit match anti-collision algorithm in Internet of things
JIANG Yu;MA Man-fu
Coverage control optimization algorithm in wireless sensor networks ontime synchronization
CHANG Guang-qiang;FAN Xiao-ping;LIU Shao-qiang,42
Adaptive bee-ant colony optimization
HE Zong-yao;WANG Xiang
Study on path planning based on improved PRM method
LIU Yang;ZHANG Wei-guo;LI Guang-wen,139
Novel multi-heterogeneous sensor based network security situation awareness model
ZHANG Yan;GUO Shi-ze;HUANG Shu-guang;WANG Yong-yi,293
Application of PSO algorithm for stable time-delay system design
MAO Peng-xuan;XIAO Yang
Intrusion detection mechanism for IPv6 routing extension header
WANG Xiang-lin;LIU Li-peng
Research on customs vehicle monitoring based ontwo-step targets tracking algorithm
WANG Xu;ZHANG Xue-hui;GE Xian-long,115
Verifiable attribute base encryption scheme with multi-authority
CHEN Qin;DANG Zheng-qin;ZHANG Jin-man;MA Dan-dan
Threshold segmentation method based on expected characteristic of image queue
YIN Cang-tao;HE Ping;DAI Peng;ZHANG Hong-jian
Research of cloud computing capability evaluation based onCMM/CMMI
YE Shi-qi;ZHAO Zhe;WANG Hui
Anonymous calculation of data based on local clustering
YAN Kai;HE Xian-mang
Improved Gaussian estimate model algorithm for radioactive gas diffusion
LI Shi-wei;WANG Jian-qiang;ZENG Jun-wei
Metric model considering effect of short board and itsapplication in software trustworthiness
YANG Guang-yu;ZENG Dong-fang;LUO Ping
Ant colony algorithm based on dynamic adjustment of incremental of pheromone
LIU Rui-jie;HU Xiao-bing,151
Analysis of patch uniformity based on Otsu\'s method
GONG Xin-wen;MENG Zhao-peng;WANG Cui-ping
Research advances on technology of Internet of things in medical domain
YU Lei;LU Yang;ZHU Xiao-ling;FENG Lin
Location strategy of logistics distribution centersbased on hierarchical genetic algorithm
LI Chang-bing;DU Mao-kang;CAO Hui-ying,78
Research on image binarization algorithm based on evolutionary algorithms
LI Kang-shun;RUAN Dan-dan;ZHANG Wen-sheng
Linear model based lane mark identification algorithm
FAN Chao;DI Shuai;HOU Li-long;SHI Xiao-feng,332
Dynamic trust model for P2P network based on fuzzy theory
YANG Run;WEN Zhi-cheng;LI Yan-yan
On-chip debug and real-time trace support for superscalar DSP
WANG Gang;ZHANG Sheng-bing;HUANG Song-ren
Overview of attribute reduction based on rough set
YANG Chuan-jian;GE Hao;WANG Zhi-sheng
Search of face verification algorithm based on RILPQ descriptor
GAO Zhi-sheng;YUAN Hong-zhao;YANG Jun,362
Semi-closed method for P3P with high numerical precision
LENG Da-wei;SUN Wei-dong,368
Top-k delay noise failure analysis method
LIU Xiao-xiao;WU Ji-juan;LI Guang-shun;WU Jun-hua
Topological constraints based 3D localization method of RFID tags
HUANG Shuang-huan;CHENG Liang-lun
New approach for precise license plate locating based on edge analysis and color statistics
LI Lin-qing;PENG Jin-ye;FENG Xiao-yi,343
New design and implementation method of OFDM in CMMB system
HAO Lu-guo;CHEN Jiao-rong;LIU Li-cheng,180
PSO-AdaBoost training algorithm based on EREF
LI Rui;ZHANG Jiu-rui;MAO Li
Multiple ferry route design based on city-village model in opportunistic networks
LI Yun;WENG Bin-bin;LIU Qi-lie;TANG Li-jun
Study on blind equalizer based on different place wavelet transform
HAN Ying-ge;LI Bao-kun;GUO Ye-cai
New multi-hop cooperation mechanism for wireless networks
LI Yun;ZHANG Zheng-hua;ZHAO Wei-liang
Memetic algorithm for vehicle routing problem with time windows
WU Lei;WEI Zhen;GE Fang-zhen,71
Study on engine mechanism of radar system simulation based on distributed architecture
WANG Lei;LU Xian-liang;CHEN Ming-yan;ZHANG Wei
Minimum weight vertex cover problem under fuzzy environments
WANG Chen-yin;NI Yao-dong;KE Hua
Instantaneous frequency estimation of multi-component LFMsignals based on local polynomial Fourier transform
ZHANG Li-li;LIU Si-xin;LI Xin-bo;WU Jun-jun