Application Research of Computers 2011 Issue 10 Blind demodulation algorithm for MFSK signal based on all digital phase-locked loop
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Application Research of Computers
2011 Issue 10
Blind demodulation algorithm for MFSK signal based on all digital phase-locked loop
XU Jian-fei;WANG Fu-ping;WANG Zan-ji
Implementation of satellite based hyper-spectral image feature extraction method
BI Wen-jing;ZHANG Shan-cong,3916
Efficient hybrid query tree anti-collision algorithm in RFID system
SUN Wen-sheng;CHEN An-hui
Design and implementation of uSD card based mobile context data collection and reporting system
ZHANG Jin-feng;CHEN Can-feng;TANG Yue-zhong,3738
Method to calculate CFI value used in LTE system
LI Xiao-wen;FANG Qian-jun;SONG Hai-bei
Efficient fault-tolerant mechanism in super-peer network based on k-Petersen graph
TAN Yi-hong;ZHAO Bi-hai;WANG Xin;LIN Ya-ping
Workshop collaborative scheduling method based on membership degree functions
SUN Ya-nan;CHEN You-ling;WANG Chao;ZHOU Yu-jie,3759
Flow line enhancement based on fractional differentials
LI Bao-qiang;FAN Yin;LI Qian
Image segmentation based on Boltzmann entropy
CAO Jian-nong
Image annotation based on AFSVM-MIL arithmetic
DENG Jian-xuna;XIONG Zhong-yang;ZENG Dai-min,3924
TD-LTE system initial cell search and algorithm
LI Xiao-wen;WANG Jun
Routing optimization of 6LoWPAN nested mobile networks
WANG Xiao-nan;QIAN Huan-yan
Semi-automatic common ontology construction method based on dictionary
XU Si-vuan;GAO Chun-ming;PAN Hua-wei;LEI Yuan
Multi-objective estimation of distribution algorithm based on bacterial foraging
QIAO Ying;GAO Yue-lin;JIANG Qiao-yong,3686
Design and study of wide band antenna
BAI Yu;LI Ying-song;YANG Xiao-dong,3890
Knowledge transfer simulation of cluster enterprise based on task requirements
SUN Xin-qiu;WANG Hong-guo;SHAO Zeng-zhen;ZHAO Xue-chen
Improved reconstruction algorithm in 3 D face morphable model
ZHENG Qing-bi;WEI Yan-jun
Analysis and compare of methods predicting protein complex
TANG Xi-wei;WANG Jian-xin;HU Qiu-ling
Analysis and improvement of certificateless signcryption scheme
CHEN Ming;WU Kai-gui;HE Pan,3822
Design of detection model for DLL-Trojan based on method of simulation loading
ZHONG Ming-quan;TANG Zhang-guo;LI Huan-zhou;ZHANG Jian,3806
Effect of individual difference on virus\' spreading efficiency
ZHOU Hai-ping;CAI Shao-hong;LONG Yan,3827
Image encryption based on composite hyper chaotic system and relevanted with plaintext
YANG Xue-song;YU Wan-bo;WEI Xiao-peng
New temporal error concealment method based on motion object
DING Zhi-hong;WANG Gang;LIU Li-zhu
Video de-hazing using spatial-temporal coherence optimization
ZHANG Yi;ZHANG Jia-wan;YANG Guo-qiang;LI Liang,3988
Hardware simulation method for neural network with FPGA
ZHANG Rong-hua;WANG Jiang
Semi-supervised affinity propagation clustering based on manifold distance
FENG Xiao-lei;YU Hong-tao,3664
Research of redundant rule detection method in emergency response system
FU Shan-shan;SUN Zhong-lin;CHEN Xin
Multi-process pipeline method for high-dimensional system simulation
ZHANG Rong-hua;WANG Jiang
High performance navigation of large-scale terrain based on GPU programming
LIU Hao;ZHAO Wen-ji;DUAN Fu-zhou;GONG Hui-li;CAO Wei;GUANXian-xiang;PAN Li-liang,3781
Research on complex system\'s simulation conceptual model architecture based on multi-views
LIU Bin;MI Dong;DU Xiao-ming;SUN Xiao
Privacy preservation model based on semantic distance of sensitive category attribute
SUN Yan-zheng;CHEN Wei-he;ZHAN Yong-zhao
Study on coordinates model for dynamic acoustic array tracking system
LIU Heng;LIU Ya-lei;GU Xiao-hui,3722
Clustering validation with classifiers
LIU Yan-chi;GAO Xue-dong;GUO Hong-wei;WU Sen
Improved C4.5 decision trees algorithm based on variable precision rough set
LIU Xing-wen;WANG Dian-hong;CHEN Fen-xiong
Planar random polyline mapping in unit area and chaos analysis of its cross-iteration
YU Wan-bo;YANG Xue-song;WEI Xiao-peng
Suborbicular cluster recognition algorithm based on multi-dimensional analysis
XIAO Sheng-sheng;LIU Peng,3674
Research of gene clustering hybrid algorithm based on particle pair and extremal optimization
XUAN Jun-bo;WU Xiao-xia;WANG Zhen-zhen;ZHANG Chao-ying,3680
Joint antennas and users selection with SLNR precoding
CHEN Lei;WANG Da-ming;WANG Sheng;CUI Wei-jia
Algorithm based on reinforcement learning for UAV search
ZHANG Jing-jing;ZHOU De-yun;ZHANG Kun
Modified collaborative filtering algorithm based on meta similarity
XU Peng-yuan;DANG Yan-zhong,3651
Research progress in tetrahedral mesh generation from medical volume data
ZHOU Yun;FAN Xiao-ping;LIAO Zhi-fang;LIU Shao-qiang
Blog automatic summarization based on features information
CHEN Ming;WANG Bang-jun;ZHAO Peng-peng;CUI Zhi-ming
Study on communication model based on message driven in radar system simulation
WANG Lei;LU Xian-liang;CHEN Ming-yan;ZHANG Shun-sheng;ZHANG Wei,3774
Built-in test diagnosis strategy design based on dependency model
GUO Ming-wei;NI Shi-hong;ZHU Jia-hai
Method to implement retargetable cross-debugger
XIA An-xiang;SHI Hao-shan;RUAN Yuan;LIU Hong-hong
Distributed cooperative spectrum sensing in cognitive radio networks
ZHANG Lu-hua;CHEN Zhong,3854
New P2P searching algorithm based on trust model-SAT
FAN Hui-bo;ZHANG Xin-you
Two-stage algorithm based on estimation of distribution algorithm for permutation flow-shop scheduling problem
YE Bao-lin;GAO Hui-min;WANG Xiao-ping;ZENG Jian-chao
Improved quantum genetic algorithm based on cloud model theory
XU Bo;PENG Zhi-ping;YU Jian-ping
Implementation framework of RFID in discrete manufacturing enterprises
LI Wen-chuan;WANG Xu;JING Yi
Study of sonically-enhanced menu interaction for mobile terminals
YU Yao-hua;LIU Zheng-jie
Multicast fair service scheduling algorithm for CICQ switches
WANG Peng;CHEN Shu-qiao;HU Hong-chao
Survey of contour grouping
GUO Qiang;TU Dan
Block based correction codebook model
FANG Xian-yong;HE Biao;LUO Bin
Relative-speed-based self-adaptive backoff algorithm for 802.11 p VANET
WEI Li-qi;XIAO Xiao-qiang;CHEN Ying-wen;XU Ming;FAN Hai-kuan,3886
Dynamic voltage scaling policy based on Markov model
BU Ai-guo
Dynamic trust model based on behavior monitoring and data mining
TAN Xing-bin;LI Gang;LI Ji
Moving object detection by scanning monitor in camp\'s area
SHA Sha;CHEN Chen,3973
Point-clouds registration algorithm based on improve projection
YANG Ying-bao;LIU Xian-yong;YANG Jun-ping
Application of adaptive PCNN based on neighborhood to medical image fusion
XIA Jia-xing;DUAN Xian-hua;WEI Shi-chao
Approach of vehicle plate extraction based on HSV color space and SIFT feature
YANG Tao;ZHANG Sen-lin,3976
Face recognition with Gabor texture features
YANG Hong-yu;YU Lei;WANG Sen
Improvement to adaptive triangulation algorithm
JIANG Heng-heng;LI Qi-min;TANG Bao-ping
Cellular automata modeling and analysis of e-mail virus propagation
GONG Yong-wang;SONG Yu-rong;JIANG Guo-ping
Fast intra-frame prediction algorithm based on macro-block pre-determine for H.264/AVC standard
CHEN Shi-zhe;WANG Ming-quan;CHEN Zhi-qiang
Study for DV-HOP localization algorithm based on multiple regression analysis
HU Yan;SHAN Zhi-long
Fast integral image computation on GPU
WANG Zhi-guo;WANG Gui-jin;SHI Chen-bo;MIAO Quan;LIN Xing-gang
Identification of evaluation collocation based on maximum entropy model
FANG Ming;LIU Pei-yu
Single-scale image classification employing Bag-of-Words model
CHEN Kai;XIAO Guo-qiang;PAN Zhen;LI Zheng-hao
TCAM policy-based routing fused items\' maintenance and management algorithm
YANG Zan;WANG Jian-xin;YANG Lin;MA Lin-ru,3899
Research of QoS multicast routing problem based on ant colony algorithm and genetic algorithm
NI Yun-zhu;LI Zhi-shu;LIU Yi-jing,3877
Performance investigation of indoor MIMO based on IMT-Advanced channel model
WEN Lin-hai;ZHANG Zu-fan;MENG Ding,3874
Study of Ad hoc network routing algorithm based on complex network theory
HUANG Xiao-feng;WANG Bo-hui;CAI Nian
Stateful address configuration for 6LoWPAN wireless sensor networks
WANG Xiao-nan;QIAN Huan-yan,3909
Two-link failure in WDM optical networks with mixed protection algorithm
CHEN Chao;WANG Da-bin;XU Tong-ya
Anonymity privacy preserving algorithm based on frequent itemset mining
XU Yong;DING Zhong-ming;SI Feng-shan,3833
Method of reconstructing 3D human head based on two half-frontal photos
YU Chang;CHEN Yi-qiang;LIU Jun-fa;TANG Xiao-qing,3982
Quality criteria of anonymous publishing table based on entropy
XU Yong;DING Zhong-ming;WANG Hao;HUANG Can,3841
SW/HW partition algorithm research based on improved O- 1 dynamic programming
ZHAO Quan-wei;WU Qiang;LIU Jie
Survey on research of opinion spam in user-generated-content
YANG Feng-lei;LI Jian-hui
Group key management scheme based on group signature with fault tolerance for mobile Ad hoc networks
ZHU Chang-sheng;LIU Peng-hui;WANG Qing-rong;CAO Lai-cheng
Detection algorithm for region duplication forgery based on Tchebichef moments
GU Zong-yun;LV Wan-li;LUO Bin
Distributed K-means clustering by learningdata density in local peer
ZHANG Ke-ze;YANG He-biao;SHEN Xiang-jun;JIANG Zhong-qiu,3655
Average speed evaluate based on non-parametric regression
ZHANG Yu;MA Shou-feng;JIA Ning,3706
Study on construction of virtual cucumber based on growth model in greenhouse
TANG Wei-dong;LI Ping-ping;HU Xue-hua;LIJin-zhong;LU Zhang-ping,3966
Flotation froth image texture extraction based on LBPV
TANG Zhao-hui;ZHU Chu-mei;LIU Jin-ping
Particle swarm optimization based on chemotaxis operation of bacterial foraging algorithm
YANG Ping;SUN Yan-ming;LIU Xiao-long;CHE Lan-xiu
Automatic image annotation based on salient regions
YIN Wen-jie;HAN Jun-wei;GUOLei;HE Sheng;XU Ming,3933
Study of USB device driver and its application in GDB remote debugging
KUANG Yang;LEI Hang;ZHAN Jin-yu
State-of-the-art in distributed privacy preserving data mining
LIU Ying-hua;YANG Bing-ru;MA Nan;CAO Dan-yang
Advances in unmanned ground vehicles coordination system
YAN Yan;TANG Zhen-min,3636
Adaptive image watermarking technique based on human visual system
LUO Peng;SU Yang;YANG Xiao-yuan;LIU Yuan,3844
Research and implementation of fragile watermark for vector graphics
ZHENG Liang-bin;FENG Liu-ping;CHEN Ru-qi;CHENG Xiao-jin
Glowworm swarm optimization algorithm based on max-min luciferin
LIU Jia-kun;ZHOU Yong-quan
Multi-group co-evolutionary method research: applied in large scale SoC hardware/software partitioning
JIAO Su-min;WANG Cai-hong;WANG Xue-mei
Double active contours
WANG Shao-rong;SHANGGUAN Da-yan;CHEN Yi-song
Multi-objective tracking method based on Mean Shift——connected component labeling
LU Hao-bo;LI Jian-qiang;WANG Xiao-min
GAISP: GPU accelerated astronomical image subtraction photometry algorithm
YANG Mu-jin;YU Ce;SUN Ji-zhou;CAO Wei;CHEN Jin-yan;SHANG Zhao-hui;LIU Qiang