Application Research of Computers 2009 Issue 12 Research on coordinated production-purchase planning based on knowledge evolution algorithm
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Application Research of Computers
2009 Issue 12
Research on coordinated production-purchase planning based on knowledge evolution algorithm
MA Hui-min;YE Chun-ming;ZHANG Shuang;XU Sheng-liang
Study on material tracking model oriented to small and medium manufacturing enterprise
LIU Xiao-bing;LI Zhong-kai;HUANG Xue-wen;YU Guo-xu,4620
De-noising and enhancement for SAR image based onlocal geometric structure of image
LU Dan;TANG Ping;GUO Tong
Color image encryption based on three-dimensional tent map
YUAN Sui-wei;FAN Jiu-lun;ZHU Min-tao
Robust survivability design of WDM mesh networks using tree routing
DAI Rui;LI Le-min;WANG Sheng
Improved multi-relational decision tree algorithm
SONG Guang-ling;HAO Zhong-xiao;WU Hai-yan,4512
Study on covering problem of temporal functional dependencies in totally-ordered temporal scheme
WAN Jing;YANG Hong-yu;HAO Zhong-xiao
Digital image scrambling encryption based on circular shifting
YUAN Sui-wei;FAN Jiu-lun;ZHANG Xue-feng
Distributed group signature scheme for authorized subsets
WANG Ming-wen;ZHENG Wei-fan
Lattice-based continuous Chinese speech indexing based on mutual information confidence measure
HUANG Xiang-song;ZHAO Chun-hui;ZHANG Lei;LIU Bai-sen,4616
Research and implementation of trusted software constitution based on monitoring
LI Ren-jie;ZHANG Zhu-xi;JIANG Hai-yan;WANG Huai-min
Design and implementation of integration middleware in mobile ERP
OUYANG Su-zhen;DENG Cheng-yu;LIU Yong-shan
Periodic time role-based access control
XIA Qi-shou;YIN Xiao-ling;HUANG Hai-sheng;WANG Ru-chuan
Cross-domain trust-based access control of Web services
MA Xiao-ning;FENG Zhi-yong;XU Chao,4767
Asymptotical stability for model of neural networks with distributed delay
LI Fei-yue;YANG Ming-guang;YANG Ya-zhi
Distributed controlling model for hubs in P2P networks
RAO Hao;YANG Chun;TAO Shao-hua
Improved CBA prediction algorithm in compound pyramid model
YANG Bing-ru;ZHOU Zhun;HOU Wei
Logistic transportation system based on integration of RFID,GPS and GIS technology
DAN Yu-fang;MA Qing-lu,4634
Implementing Anycast communication model in P2P networks
WANG Xiao-nan;QIAN Huan-yan;TANG Zhen-min,4668
Research on Web user behavior based on Chinese search engine
WANG Hao;YAO Chang-li;GUO Lin;AI Guo-qing
Novel intelligent data processing model for fishery forecasting
YUAN Hong-chun;LI Ying;XIONG Fan-lun
Research of text filtering based on semantic orientation
CHENG Xian-yi;YANG Tian-ming;ZHU Qian;CAI Yue-hong
Survey of moving object tracking algorithm
ZHANG Juan;MAO Xiao-bo;CHEN Tie-jun
Application of one local texture characteristic to region growing
XU Cheng;FENG Bin;LIU Yan
Evolution-based vulnerability detection framework
ZHANG Lin;GAO Ling;TANG Sheng-chao;YANG Yang
Self-organizing method of SOA service region
LI Shuang-qing;HUANG Chuan-guan;LUO Xi-yi;ZHOU Ming-qiang
Audio watermarking algorithm robust to TSM based oncounter propagation neural network
JIN Wen-biao;DAI Hong-liang,4796
Non-repeatedly mark model based probabilistic packet marking for IP traceback
WU Zhe;XIE Dong-qing,4750
Correction method for moving target location with mobile nodes
ZHANG Xin-lin;CHEN Yuan;ZENG De-sheng,4685
Wireless multi-media sensor networks based on CC2420 and ZigBee communication mechanism
CHEN Ting-de;SUN Li-juan;WANG Ru-chuan;HUANG Hai-ping
Resources indexing model expanded from Chord to support string-fuzzy-matching
ZHAO Xiu-mei;LIU Fang-ai,4655
New method for iris image noise detecting
LEI Hao-peng;LI Feng,4838
Design and realization of flexible role of control system
LIU Ru-qiang;HUANG Hai-ming;LIU Jin-gang
Mutual exclusion model under shared memory MPSOC
XU Cheng;LONG Bang;LIU Yan;TAO Hai-yang;WANG Li-dong
Dynamic grids clustering algorithm based on overlapping partition
QIU Bao-zhi;SONG Xiao-jun
Deep Web complex matching method based on association mining and semantic clustering
CAO Qing-huang;JU Shi-guang;YANG Xiao-qin
Research and simulation of synchronization on FH-OFDM system
CUI Miao;YIN Jun-xun;HUANG Hua-tang;YANG Yu-cun;YAO Zhen
Intelligence-assisted system for technical examination of vehicles in accident
ZENG Chuan-hua;YANG Wei;LI Qing-song
Feedback process neural networks model with application in classification of dynamic signal
YU Yuan-yuan;XU Shao-hua;ZHANG Qiang
Efficient and secure certificateless key agreement protocol
ZHU Zhi-xin;DONG Xiao-lei
Graphical model for point pattern matching based on sampling of separator
Fingerprint texture matching based on Log Gabor filtering
DENG Hong-gui;WANG Long-feng,4858
Hierarchical and group-based resource selection algorithm
LI Fang-yun;LI Chun-lin;LI Hui
Research on M&S credibility evaluation based on FSE
WU Jing;WU Xiao-yan;GAO Zhong-chang;TENG Jiang-chuan
Global QoS optimizing and multi-objective Web service selection algorithm
FANG Qi-qing;LIU Qing-hua;PENG Xiao-ming;HU Ya-hui,4448
Image denoising based on non-local regularization
XU Da-hong;WANG Run-sheng
Research on update period estimate of satellite network topology based on characteristic of link
ZHAO Dong-jie;YANG Hai-tao;ZHAO Hong-li
Parallel remote homology detection approach based on semi-supervised support vector machine
WANG Dong;SUN Ji-zhou;LI Fu-chao
R&D on non-stationary signal analysis system based on parameter-sharing models
CHENG Fa-bin;WANG Ying
Study and analysis of entropy classification algorithm for K-anonymity
LIU Jian;LIU Hui,4743
Recognition algorithm for halftone image classification
KONG Yue-ping;DU Xu-miao
Research and application of efficient power attacks model
LI Lang;LI Ren-fa;XU Yu-ming;ZHANG Jing-jing,4727
Research of GABP neural network based on principal component analysis
HUANG Qin;LIU Yan-peng;LIU Yi-liang;CHANG Wei
Algorithm of attack graph generation based on simple status space
LI Si;WANG Zu-lin;ZHAO Yi-huan
Research on detecting and classifying Deep Web interfaces
ZHANG Liang;LU Yu-liang;LIU Jin-hong,4703
Data fusion strategies for small sample based on multi-class support vector machine
ZHONG Luo;LI Zhe;DING Zi-chun;SONG Hua-zhu;GUO Cui-cui,4508
Survey of particle swarm clustering algorithms
LI Jun-jin;XIANG Yang;LU Ying-ming;WU Shuo-tong
Research and realization on large scale IPv6 backbone network topology discovery
PAN Yuan-yong;LI Run-zhi;WANG Zong-min
Association rules mining based on discriminative concept lattice
WANG Pei-pei;SHEN Xia-jiong;WANG Qian;ZHOU Bo,4576
Study on domain knowledge reusing methods based on ontology
DONG Jun;WANG Suo-ping;XIONG Fan-lun,4561
Hierarchy AS-level network topology layout algorithm based on AS coreness
YANG Guo-zheng;LU Yu-liang;XIA Yang;HU Bo
Camera self-calibration method based on hybrid optimization algorithm
LIN Li-cai;LI Qi-shen;JIANG Ze-tao
Approach to image segmentation with spatial moments based on PCNN
JIN Wen-biao;SHEN Jing-jing;ZHANG Zhi-feng,4805
Study on replica consistency in unstructured P2P networks
LIAN Shu-juan;SUN Bo;WEI Yun-gang;XIAO Yong-kang;ZHU Xiao-ming
Energy balance routing algorithm based on ant colony optimization in wireless sensor networks
WANG Qing-zheng;MIN Lin;GUO Zheng-wei
Research on strategy for optimizing coverage of WSNs based on multi-particle PSO
LIN Zhu-liang;FENG Yuan-jing
New rational secret sharing
DONG Wei;XU Qiu-liang
Fast inter mode decision and motion estimation inH.264 frame-skipping transcoding
LV Zhuo-yi;JIA Ke-bin;SIU Wan-chi
Method of integrating image matting and compositing
LI Wen;HAN Guo-qiang;GU Guo-sheng;ZHANG Xiao-yuan;ZHANG Sheng-kai
Dynamic gain scheduling method for networked control systems with stochastic delay
YE Xiu-fen;LIU Shi-chao;DU Zhi-bo
Detection method of up and down vehicles with acoustic signal based on wideband array signal processing
LUO Xiang-long;NIU Guo-hong;WU Qi-sheng
Steganalysis for JPEG images based on weighting fusion and Markov matrix
HUI Mao-mao;ZHOU Zhi-ping
Research of security control testing and evaluation model based on fuzzy theory
QIN Zhi;ZHANG Shi-bin,4783
Research of policy defending against P2P worm based on benign worm
LUO Wei-min;LIU Jing-bo;FAN Cheng-yu
Dynamic contract net protocol with fault tolerance
WEI Zhao-wen;JIANG Hui-chao
Web text classification algorithm fused LSI and SVC
SHI Chang-qiong;HUANG Hui;WANG Da-wei;JIANG La-lin;FU Zong-wen
Traffic information based routing protocol in vehicular Ad hoc networks
SONG Chao;LIU Ming;GONG Hai-gang
Survey on biometrics technology
TIAN Qi-chuan;ZHANG Run-sheng,4410
Research of indoors channel fading model in wireless sensor networks
ZHANG Xian-yi;WANG Ying-long;GUO Qiang;ZHAO Hong-lei
Worm detection model based on propagation behavior for local networks
QI Rui;FANG Ding-yi;LUO Yang-xia,4779
Security analysis of station-to-station security protocol
CHEN Jian-xiong;SUN Le-chang;SHU Ni-na
Shared tree optical multicast algorithm based on distributing network coding
XIAO Hao-ming;ZHANG Min;YANG Xiao-long
Cross-layer design-based power control algorithms for Ad hoc networks
MEI Su-ping;XUE Xiao-ping;WEN De-long;PENG Tao
Spectrum sharing based on game theory in cognitive radio networks
HU Lin;TANG Lun;CHEN Qian-bin;LI Shi-qiu
Research and implementation on pluggable framework for access control
SHEN Li-min;XING Chang-yuan;SONG Cheng-zhong
Research on dynamic transition model of digital rights
HAN Li-long;LIU Qing-tang;YANG Zong-kai
WSNs random coverage control algorithm based on redundancy distinguishing by sampling
HUANG Jian;ZHU Min;NIU Hao;BAI Jun-ge;DING Chun-li,4715
Research of ADIDS based on adaptive immune system
ZHANG Zheng-qiu;YAO Zhi-qiang;YAN Xi-shan;ZHANG Jin-ying
Method for license plate detection based on improved AdaBoost algorithm
FANG Yi-qiu;LU Dao-bing;GE Jun-wei
DOA estimation of LFM signals based on compressed sensing
YANG Zhang;CHENG Wang-zong
Adaptive evolutionary strategy based on feedback and sharing mechanism
LI Guang-wen;JIA Qiu-ling;LIU Xiao-xiong;ZHANG Wei-guo,4501
Multi-agent revealed information auction model based on classification of information similarity
CHAI Yu-mei;ZHAO Yue;WANG Li-ming,4538
Research on MPI+OpenMP hybrid programming paradigm based on SMP cluster
PAN Wei;CHEN Liao-yuan;ZHANG Jin-hua;LI Yong-ge;PAN Li;XIA Fan
Placement system research for FPGA with fast carry-chain
CUI Xiu-hai;YANG Hai-gang;LIU Yang;XIONG Jin;LIU feng
New fuzzy clustering algorithm in text mining
LI Qing-feng;ZHOU Wei-lin;HE Jing;DING Xiao-ling
Implement Kirchhoff prestack time migration algorithm on CUDA architecture
LI Ken-li;PENG Jun-jie;ZHOU Shi-yong
Fast connect component labeling algorithm for solid and non-solid object
QIU Liu-dong;LI Zu-shu,4846
Improving on side information estimation for Wyner-Ziv video coding
YIN Ming;ZHANG Yun;CHENG Liang-lun;CAI Shu-ting,4832
Research on hierarchical text categorization using approach of multiple feature selection and multiple classifier fusion
JIA Mei-ying;YANG Bing-ru;ZHENG De-quan;CHEN Qing-xuan
Research on multi-granularity experience trust model
WANG Ying-long;TANG Jian-jun;HU Ya-ping;PENG Ying-qiong;YU Ying
Negotiation protocol for multi-issue based on proposal information shielded
ZHANG Zhen-wen;SONG Hai-gang;HONG Liu;CHEN Xue-guang,4627
Recognizing and predicting of strange interactive entity\'s behavior in pervasive environment
LIU Guang-bin;MAN Jun-feng;LI Chang-yun;WEN Xiang-bing,4571
Stagewise ridge pursuit of isolated singularities signals
LI Xiao-xin;QI De-yu,4456
Content extraction of Web pages based on characteristic symbols
Cluster scheduling algorithm for distributed Kahn process networks
QIAN Zheng-ping;QI De-yu;ZENG Ming,4470
Feature extraction algorithm of wood cell image based on fractal dimension
REN Hong-e;GAO Ying;DONG Ben-zhi
Research on organizational structure mining based on workflow logs
GAO Ang;YANG Yang;WANG Yue-wei;HE Guang-jun
Extracting regions of interest in medical images based on visual attention mechanism
ZHANG Qiao-rong;LI Shu-hong;XIAO Hui-min
Data prefetch optimization in dynamic binary translation
LUO Qiong-cheng;WU Qiang
Blind estimation algorithm of multi-carrier CDMA sub-carrier frequencies and its performance analysis
YU Zhi-ming;GUO Li-li;ZHAO Bing,4483
Numeric and curve parameters for freeform surface feature models
SUN Li-juan;XIE Li-qiang;SUN Da-song
Enhanced TCP congestion control algorithm based on TCP Vegas
WANG Yun-tao;FANG Jian-an;ZHANG Xiao-hui;YAN Wei-feng
Immune genetic algorithm and applications in optimization
WANG Qiong;LV Wei;REN Wei-jian
Research on resistance to disassembly of software
SHANG Tao;GU Da-wu
Survey of object segmentation algorithms in vision-based monitoring system
YE Bing-wei;WU Chun-ming;JIANG Ming,4422
Research and design on object-oriented e-government system model
MAO Xiao-ling;ZHANG Peng-zhu
Method for P2P traffic classification based on decision-tree model
CHEN Yun-jing;ZHANG Yun;CHEN Jing-tao
Encrpyted and adaptive digital watermarking algorithm in DCT domain
DING Liu;CHENG Xian-yi;XU Bo
Hidden line removal algorithm in solid geometry teaching software
CHEN Rui;TANG Ning-jiu;LIN Tao;WANG Zeng-wu
New filtering algorithm based on correlation coefficient model
YU Wang-sheng;HOU Zhi-qiang
Topic event fusion based on event framework
XU Rong-hua;WU Gang;LI Pei-feng;ZHU Qiao-ming