Application Research of Computers 2003 Issue 12 Active Database Technology Applied in Reservoir Flood Control System
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Application Research of Computers
2003 Issue 12
Active Database Technology Applied in Reservoir Flood Control System
li ding fang ; chen hua ; guo sheng lian
Realizing Spatial Data Conversion from ArcSDE to Oracle9i Spatial
fu jun ; liu nan ; liu ren yi
Implementation of DaCheng Railroad Query System Based on GIS
zhang xian zhou ; hu ya ; feng de jun ; li chun hua,106
The Storage and PoP of Information in the Double-buffer Based on Multi-threads Technology
tang hong ; jiang yong ; liu chang yun ; zheng xue yan
The Attempt of Data Mining Method for Customer Clustering in E-commerce System
bao shu zhe ; zhou dong qing ; hou zhi gang
Optimization Technique in Mass Result Search Based on PowerBuilder
li zong fu ; deng qiong bo ; li jun fu
Technology of Remote Database Access Based on Web Service
zhao zhi sheng ; gao ming xia ; chen fu rong,127
An Application of PLC Based on the Profibus Fieldbus in the Ferment Industry
liu jiong ; wang li rui ; ao le gen ; deng yong feng,118
Implementation and Interoperability Testing of Bluetooth Printer Profile
lu dong mei ; peng li ping ; wang qin,124
On the Concealment of Network Scanning
jiang wei hua ; li wei hua ; du jun
Research on Security Mechanism of Network Database
qian zuo
A Security Proxy System of Grid: Myproxy
yao zuo ; su de fu ; zhou ying xin
Security Probing System Based on Firewall Penetrating Technique Firewalking
wang bin ; wu yu ; wang guo zuo,92
Research of Multitier Firewall Technology and Its Applications
bao guang bin ; song jian ; yuan zhan ting ; yu dong mei,83
New Video Coding Standard:H.26L
tao zhi qiang ; li xue ming
Particle Swarm Optimization(PSO) Algorithm
zhou chi ; gao hai bing ; gao liang ; zhang wan guo
Research of Indexing Techniques for Spatial Databases
guo zuo ; zhou dong ru ; guo zuo ; hu zhi yong
Chinese Sentence Similarity Computing Based on Semantic Dependency Relationship Analysis
li bin ; liu ting ; qin bing ; li sheng
A Matching Algorithm Based on Local Maximum Entropy
song zhan ; liu chong ; wang yue zong,23
Research and Application of Object-Oriented Data Model for Land Information System
ma xiao gang ; wang xin qing ; liu zhi jun ; wang
Research and Development of Information Interactive System Based on MAS in ERP Environment
tao xiao dong ; li zuo zhi ; yang jian guo ; pan zhe dan
An Incremental Iteration Approach for Constructing Software Architecture
liu shao tao ; wang ning sheng,41
Discussion of Post-collision Behavior in Robot Soccer Simulation System
ling feng zuo ; liu chang an ; bao guo chao
Refactoring to Patterns
bo ya jun ; yu wan ming,47
Research on a Type of Integrated Warehouse Management System
ji shou wen ; li ke qiang ; zuo li xin
A Research on AOP Implementation in C++
lv guo ke ; li ping li
Research on Form-based Workflow Management System in the Environment of Web
tao wang long ; shao xin yu ; zhang guo jun ; ren de yao
Study on Virtual 3D Earth and Small Scaled Cartography
zhao hu ; zuo lei
Template Recognition and Matching in Engineering Drawings
xi xiao peng ; mi ning fang ; luo zhi wei ; cai shi jie
Binary Character Hole-Filter Based on PCNN
gu xiao dong ; guo shi de ; yu dao heng
Research of Eliminating the Noise of Threshold Image
liu qing xiang ; zhu chang ping ; ran yong
Database Access Graphics Technology
wang cong hua ; peng guan ming ; jiang huan jun,77
Application of Edge Detection on Template Location
qiu sang min ; xia yu ren
GPS Vehicle Control and Supervision Based on SMS
gu zhi li ; zeng ; zhong shi ming
Information Interaction System Model Over Corperration Based on Intranet
mou zhou ling ; lu lei
Application of Main Component Analysis in Network Educational Evaluation System
li cheng you ; wang xue zhou ; wang fang ; yang yu jie,133
Optimization Design of MIS Based on Oracle Database
jiang nian de ; li ying
Building of Tax Data Processing Center Based on Technology of HA
song xing bin ; ning fei,151
Design and Implementation of a Personalizing Meta Search Engine AIPMSE
chen liang ; li xue mei ; chen shi fu,145
Research of XML-based Data Exchange Technology and Its Implementation in a Large-scale System
huang hong ming ; yin zhi bing ; xiong gui xi
Application of the Technology of XML to the Long-distance Education
huang yin ; kong fan sheng
A Monitoring and Controlling System Based on Intranet of the Water-steam Chemistry Process in Power Plant
cao shun an ; zhan zuo ; liu kai pei ; liu guang lin
Analysis of Third Party Payment System in Electronic Commerce
xie lin ; lu jian jun
Design and Implementation of Bookstore on Net Based on Java Technology
yang fan ; xu chun hua ; liu xin xiong ; chen he ping
The Campus Network User Counting Management System Based on DHCP and LDAP Directory Service
lu kai ning ; chen ze hua ; tu xiang yun,161
Research and Developing Instance in J2ME
zhang lei ; li zhi shu ; du wei