Application Research of Computers 2001 Issue 12 Principle and Implementation of Sniffer and Antisniffer
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Application Research of Computers
2001 Issue 12
Principle and Implementation of Sniffer and Antisniffer
wang ying long ; wang lian hai
The Secure Machine & Mode for Application Systems of Electronic Commerce
wu ying liang ; xu xue jun ; sun dong chuan
Study on Key Technology of Drawing Input in DACS
hong guo jun ; lin ju guang ; zuo lin,63
Study of Theory and Application Technology of Mobile Computer Networks
zhou zhi zuo ; han zheng zhi,86
Chaotic System Application in Internet Information Enciphering
zhang gui ying ; chen cong xiao
The Research of Three Data Access Interfaces in VB Accessing SQL Server
xia qing mei ; xiong hua gang
The Research of Image Progressive Transmission on Internet
song chang an ; wang si xian ; wu zhu ; mei jian xin
The Research of Web Application Integrated Framework
zhang hong zhan ; zhao hui
The Study of High Performance Network Based on IP Switching
pei jin ; zhang sen
Research on IDEAL Model
wan jiang ping ; guo he qing ; xia zhi zhong
Asynchronous Invoke Technology Based on CORBA
zhang xiao ming ; wu quan yuan ; li jian liang
Mail Filtering with Application of Sieve
shen jian ; guo yi ming ; lu song nian,73
The IPSec Communication Between Linux and Windows 2000
lin feng ; tang ning jiu ; zou nian
The Design and Implementation of Net QoS Guarantee System
sun zuo feng ; tang guang ming ; huang zhong mu
Developing Enterprise Application with EJB in J2EE Platform
huang xian ying,89
Implementation of Multitier Architecture Based on EJB Component
zhao ming ; lv li jian
The Application of ADSI on Intranet
tao tao ; li he nan
Analysis of Workflow Technology in Lotus Domino/Notes
chi zuo cheng ; wu xiao ming,92
Realization of Climatic Data Collecting & Analyzing Sys tem (Part Ⅱ)
yin chang you ; fang zhong hui ; qiang hong
A Case of Electric Commerce Booking WorkFlow System
wu fang jun ; yi guang hua ; yi dan ; yi tong
The Design and Implementation of a J2EE-based Remote Exam System HIKS
zhou hong fei ; chen qi quan,128
LDAP-based IP-Phone Distributed Callcenter Design
huan long ; tian rui xiong ; zhao ming sheng ; li xing,148
A Novel Configurable Serial Port Expansion Solution
wang hai wei ; pei xian deng ; xie chang sheng
The Design and Implementation of Remote Sales Information System Based on C/S and B/S Model
zhou qing ; gan zuo chu ; yin qiu ju ; che hai zuo
Visual Input and Translation of Linux Fire wall Rule
wang yong bin,113
Security System Based on CAN Field Bus
ma yong ; gao wen huan
Design and Realization of Courseware-query System Based on PHP
li yan zuo ; hu hong bin
The Application of B/S Based on ActiveX Control in Database System
zong ping ; peng yong ; ning zheng yuan
Data Integration Based on Database Gateway
wu da qiang ; sun ya min,133
An XML-based Model of Report Making and Management
li jun bo ; ou yang xing ming
Using XML to Exchange Data among Different Databases
ren qing dong ; su zuo ; li jing hui
The Realization of UML Class Diagram in Relational Database
zhang ri xi
Extraction and Update of History Data in Real-estate Survey and Mapping System Based on ARC/INFO
wang zhou long ; feng xue zhi ; wang lei ; song guang hui
GIS Data Maintenance Solution Based on GPS
li xi hai ; wu hong xia ; liu dai zhi
XML the Solution of WebGIS Development
wang xing feng ; xu shou cheng,144
XML New Approach to Share Special Information and Co-operation in WebGIS
wang peng ; ma qiu he ; liu li na
A Component-based Product Data Integration Method
li yu liang ; shao xin yu ; li pei gen ; gao liang
The Research of 2-Tier and 3-Tier Structure Based on the Client/Server Architecture
fan yin ting ; he hong yun,40
Comparative Research on the Control Mechanisms of Lean Manufacturing System
kang jie ; xu zuo ning ; ren xin xin
Study on the Development Strategy of Management Software Enterprise under Mass Customization
xu zuo ning ; kang jie ; wu zhen ye
Fingerprint-based Authentication in Networking Environment
zhu jian xin ; yang xiao hu
Problems and Algorithms in Multicast Routing
xu zheng ; huang chuan he ; wu xiao bing
Promising Intrusion Detection System
li jia chun ; li zhi tang
An Overview of Evaluation for Discovered Knowledge in KDD
zuo yan xia ; yang bing ru,20