Application Research of Computers 2000 Issue 8 The Network System for Toll Election, Monitor and Control on Road
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Application Research of Computers
2000 Issue 8
The Network System for Toll Election, Monitor and Control on Road
li ming hui ; xu feng lin ; li su fang,87
Programming and Optimization of CPU Emulation Program
WANG Ping;WANG Xian-feng
Multimedia Application Program Designing and Implement with VB6.0
zhang xian hai ; wu ling da ; wang chen
The Method to Implement RAID under Cluster Workstations Environment
LI Dong-hui;LIN Xue-mei,87
The Application of Business Component in Master Production Schedule Management Subsystem
yang li jie ; zheng ming chun ; feng mei,102
A Research and Development of Systems with Hybrid Structure of C/S and B/S Modes in CIMS System
wang jin qing ; zhou liang ; liu hong gen ; zuo yin chang
Applications of Virtual Reality Technology in Thermal System Simulation
XIANG Wen-guo;CAI Ning-sheng
Design and Implementation of C3I Evaluation Integrated Environment Based on Component Technology
xie wei ping ; deng su ; sha ji chang,79
The Study on VR-based Space Robot Tele-operating Simulation
TANG Hao-xuan;HONG Bing-rong
Supporting Flash Movies with ActiveX Control in Application Development
ZENG Yi-min;YE Ru-qiang,76
Production Management Information System Modeling in Clothing Manufacture
SHI Lei;YANG Xiao-hu,76
Design and Research of Fibre Channel Based Storage Area Network
li yang ; zhou jing li ; yu sheng sheng
Distributed Transactions Using CORBA
YUAN An-xin;ZENG Chui-chang,91
VPN Tunneling Technology
SUN Wei-qing;ZHAO Yi-qun
Network Programming of Windows Sockets
wang guang wei ; li wei zuo ; qu ming hai
Free Email Configuration under Linux OS
wang chang qing ; wang xin ping ; li qing yun ; wang jian
The Design for the Traffic Management and Command System Based on TCP/IP
WANG Xiao-dong;ZHANG Xi-ping
Fragmentation and Path MTU Discovery
CHEN Wei;QUAN Tian-tong
Probing into DNA for Web Application
HE Xin;SHEN Lian-guan
Voting Protocol in Distributed Systems
yang yun wei ; zhang ge ; gao jian hua
The Research of the Intelligent Medium Agent
YE Guo-qing
Fine-grained Parallel Evolutionary Algorithm Based-on Space Ranking
HUANG Zhang-can;CHEN Si-duo
Analysis and Research of Complex Huge System's Evaluation Architecture
liu ke sheng ; xu lei ; zhang wei ming ; deng su,11
Application of Wireless Data Network in the Field of Traffic & Communications
zou xian min ; xu jian min ; chen yan,26
Analysis & Application of Virtual Local Area Network Technique
wu chang guo ; shen jin long ; chen hui nan ; yang geng,43
Performance Comparison of Two Flow Control Mechanisms in ATM Networks
zhang xiao lin ; wu jie yi ; zhang zuo bing ; fei xiang,39
A TV News Process System Based on the Networking Multimedia Technology
LIN Zhi-qing;CHEN Fu-min,29
Physical Memory Management in Linux
LOU Cheng-hui;SUN Shou-qian
Visual Database Tool Design for SCADA System
jiang xian gang ; cui xia ping ; tu xiao bin,105
The Talented Persons Managed System Based on JAVA
huang xiao tao ; zuo hai yan ; zhang ming ; lu zhi ming ; li long ; dai bin hua
Data Mining from Telecommunication Network Alarm Database
mao guang li ; huang zuo long ; luo chang long
A Method of Eye Edge Extraction Based on Image Segmentation
lin feng ; liu zheng kai ; yu neng hai
Security Improvement of Linux by LKM
SONG Li-xin;LI Shan-ping
The Several Faults of VBRT300 and It's Maintenance Method
ZHONG Jiu-hui