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Jiangsu Communication

ISSN 1007-5720 
Organizer: jiang su sheng jiao tong yun shu xie hui  
Publisher: jiang su jiao tong bian ji bu  
Description: Publication director of Jiangsu Provincial Communications Department, Jiangsu Provincial Transport Association Comprehensive guide the industry journals, national public offering, has been as a journal. Transportation industry in the country, enjoys high visibility. Publication adhere to the Post and Telecommunications in the development of transport services for the purpose of the magazine reader service, communication in the province and overseas transport (including railways, civil aviation, telecommunications, transportation engineering, highways, ports, waterways, etc.) of Posts and Telecommunications of the information. Founded in 1984, has published many influential articles and win readers welcome. The main columns are: a review. Monograph, industry management, business management, construction, technology windows, high-speed forums, modern logistics, planning and design, automotive Plaza, Universal gaming, tourism and passenger transport, legal world, security Survey, Environmental Protection in Transportation social angle, hot track, we talk about, information flow, illustrated reports. Readers are: managing cadres and technical personnel, college students and transportation industry employees. (Translated by machine.)