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Computing Technology and Automation

ISSN 1003-6199 
Organizer: hu nan da xue zhong guo zi dong hua xue hui hu nan sheng zi dong hua xue hui hu nan sheng ji suan ji xue hui  
Publisher: ji suan ji shu yu zi dong hua bian ji bu  
Description: "Computing Technology and Automation" by the Chinese Association of Automation, Automation Institute of Hunan Province, Hunan Province, Hunan University Computer Society and co-hosted journals Science and Technology, founded in 1982, domestic and international public offerings, quarterly. Journal manuscripts to colleges and universities , research institutes, industrial enterprises and other research and technical personnel, in the calculation methodology, industrial control and automation, computer theory and application of research results and scientific and technological achievements as the main content of scientific papers based. Summary of the main sections are, algorithms and theory, and application of automatic control theory, computer science theory and application, computer network technology, security and confidentiality. (Translated by machine.)