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Journal of Frontiers of Computer Science & Technology

ISSN 1673-9418 
Organizer: hua bei ji suan ji shu yan jiu suo  
Publisher: ji suan ji ke xue yu tan suo bian ji bu  
Description: Publication by the Ministry of Information Industry in charge, sponsored by North China Institute of Computer Technology, Computer domestic public offering of Senior academic journals. Issues: CN11-5602/TP, bimonthly, large 16 mo. Of Publication: adhere to the principle of double hundred, dissemination of computer information, grasp industry trends, explore the development of computer law, computer science and technology to develop new ideas and promote scientific and technological exchanges. Reported range: adhere to the published computer (hardware and software) in all subjects innovative, cutting-edge, oriented, pioneering and exploratory research. Readers: Computer related scientific research and development, engineering and technical personnel and tertiary students. Abstract published in: high-performance computers, architecture, parallel processing, new theory of computer science, algorithm design and analysis, artificial intelligence and pattern recognition, system software, software engineering, databases, computer networks, information security, computer graphics and computer-aided design, virtual reality, multimedia technology and interdisciplinary theory of the mutual penetration and new derivatives, etc. (such as: cognitive science, neural informatics, quantum information science, bioinformatics, etc.). (Translated by machine.)