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Jiangsu Higher Education

ISSN 1003-8418 
Organizer: jiang su sheng jiao yu bao kan she  
Publisher: jiang su gao jiao bian ji bu  
Description: Articles by Deng Xiaoping Theory and the Important Thought of Three Represents as the guide, standing in the forefront of higher education disciplines, from theoretical and practical aspects of research, exploration and development of various types of higher education reform issues, give full play to public opinion leader, decision-making staff, academic garden, bridge information, practical guidance role. Founded, readers all over the country, the author's concern and support, Quality of Journals in the same journal maintained a relatively high level, while the combination of theory and practice The features also highlight the growing and stable. Publication is authoritative in the Secondary Document in similar number of papers in top research journals Higher Education, and have been listed as the Chinese core journals, core journals Humanities and Social Sciences in China, CSSCI source journals. (Translated by machine.)