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Journal of Higher Education Management

ISSN 1673-8381 
Organizer: jiang su da xue  
Publisher: gao xiao jiao yu guan li bian ji bu  
Description: "Higher Education Management" magazine issued by the Department of domestic and international public educational journals, its predecessor, founded in 1979, "Zhenjiang Teachers College (Social Science Edition)", 2002, changed its name to "Jiangsu University (Social Science Edition) "second half of 2006 approved by the State Press and Publication Administration was renamed as the" Higher Education Management. " Publication by the director of Jiangsu Provincial Education Department, Jiangsu University, organized as national unity ISSN: CN32-1774/G4, International Standard Serial Number is: ISSN 1673-8381,2007 bimonthly since changed, the domestic and international public offering. The direction of the socialist journal publication, and implementing the Hundred Flowers policy, focusing on academic, theoretical, practical, practical, with an open journal of ideas, continue to strengthen the higher education sector with the national communication and cooperation, adhere to the academic the principle of quality first, the Journal, highlights the Higher Education Research Journals in management theory, published mainly includes four aspects: (1) Theory and Management of Higher Education; (2) Teacher education and the human resources management; ( 3) University Students and management; (4) Educational Administration and teaching innovation. The journal is bi-monthly, large 16 to open 96 yards, one 10 issue, readers for college educators, administrators, education of professional teachers and researchers, graduate students and higher education authorities. More ... (Translated by machine.)