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The South of China Today

ISSN 1673-1190 
Organizer: guang xi ri bao she  
Publisher: jin ri nan guo bian ji bu  
Description: Journal founded in 2005, domestic and international open publication of the public version of the first half, second half of the power version, the Guangxi Daily competent, organized a comprehensive fortnightly; based on the Pan-Pearl River Delta, and the country to showcase southern charm, to enhance the image of southern introduce southern culture, southern scenery guides, service industries for the purpose of the magazine. This is a new style, new faces, new versions of the books, she was determined in the economic, cultural, ethnic, sports, fashion and other fields to a relaxed environment, feelings of sincere and selfless friendship and sincere cooperation China - the exchanges between ASEAN and provide quality cultural, public service. "Today Southland" with international standards, and close to public sentiment, and national dependency, rich, elegant style, set readable, thoughtful, informative, interesting in one, is you know southern understand the window of ASEAN, is your mentor. (Translated by machine.)