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Energy Conservation Technology

ISSN 1002-6339 
Organizer: guo fang ke ji gong ye jie neng ji shu bao wu zhong xin  
Publisher: jie neng ji shu bian ji bu  
Description: "Energy Technology" magazine in 1983, founded by the National Defense Commission approved the application of integrated technical theory and magazines. "Energy-saving technologies," the original title of State, member of the Central Military Commission Zhang Aiping gay member of the inscriptions, is a central technical publications, public offering to the nation. Journal of consolidation in the country in 1988, because of publication under the national defense system, the National Defense Review, to declare the Propaganda Department of PLA General Political Department and the State Press and Publication Administration approval, is still very publications continue as the central public offering, issued national uniform code (CN23-1302/TK). 1991 by the National Centre, the International Serials Issues (ISSN 1002-6339), issued by post offices around the country and subscription (magazine code 14-110). Founded 20 years since the publication, following the theoretical research and practical application of the purpose of closely integrated, focusing on key state projects published, the National Natural Science Foundation of China, 863,985 items, pre-national high-tech projects and research projects of national defense academic articles, in a timely manner major research reports, many thesis describes the development of frontier and has forward-thinking, innovative journal publishes articles, breakthrough scientific arguments, there is a high academic value, many papers are highly appreciated by domestic and foreign famous scientists. While enhancing the defense of the Commission and the Harbin Institute of Technology and the publication in an academic position on the domestic and international, and expanded influence. Publication in the professional more and more as soon as manuscript reported to reduce the information devalued. A national key university professors, doctors, graduate students, and major companies, the Institute's senior professionals active contributors, publication for the primary, for the production and actively publicize and implement national energy policies, energy exchange theory research to promote effective energy-saving technologies and energy-saving products, introduction of scientific management and technological transformation of energy experience, focusing on economic efficiency, promote energy conservation to the breadth and depth business development. Articles Difficult combination of extensive knowledge, flexible, practical, readable, and won the love and energy, energy workers, colleagues trust publications (magazine, was elected chairman of the National Association of Energy publication, Vice-chairman of the unit). Magazine is also among the highest in quality, award-winning on several occasions. Heilongjiang Province in 1989, the Provincial Institute of Journal Editors "Outstanding Journal Award"; 1989 by the Publicity Department of CPC Heilongjiang Provincial Committee, Provincial Science and Technology Commission, the Provincial Education Commission, the Provincial Press and Publication Bureau, the Provincial Association for Science, the provincial Publishers Association "Readers love journals "; Industry for National Defense in 1991, second prize of national defense science and technology journals appraisal; 1992 by" A Guide to Chinese core journals "included the power engineering core journals; text edited into the 1995" China Academic Journals on CD-ROM "; magazine won the 2003 Outstanding Journal Award First North; 2003 National Science and Technology, China Science and Technology Information Analysis Center Papers on the publication of a number of academic indicators, and a number of peer evaluation, expert appraisal recommended publication in 2003 from being included as a "Chinese Articles Source Journals" (the core of China's science and technology journals), and enter the "China Science and Technology Papers and Citation Database"; 2003 7 menstrual State Press and Publication, the State Council Information Office of Audit for the record, "energy-saving technology" as "China Academic Journal" (Chinese Journal Full-text Database) contains full-text journals (1999, included in the database, Ministry of Science and National Torch Program (approval number: NSC of the word [1999] No. 171, Press and Publication Administration in 2000 won the highest award the first national electronic publications); July 2003 entered CNKI short-term infrastructure projects in China, "Energy Technology" was selected for the Chinese Academic Journal Comprehensive Evaluation Database (Chinese Academic Journal Comprehensive Evaluation Date-base) Statistics source journals. September 2003 Editorial Society of China Science and Technology Committee of the National Energy fifteenth session of the Council publications general, the journal was elected vice president of National Association Publications unit of energy; January 2004 "energy-saving technology" in the "million party data - Digital Periodicals "full Internet access, is" China's core journals (selection) database "included. implement the relevant journal publishing standards, to achieve unity of professional terms and phrases, standards, norms. layout design scientific and standard. To raise the level of journal, publication leading to employ the relevant state ministries and technical experts as consultants to guide the work. hired a National Development and Reform Commission, National Defense, Ministry of Communications, Ministry of Railways, China National Nuclear Corporation, China Nuclear Industrial Construction Group Corporation, China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation, China Aviation first and second Group Corporation, China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation, in the ship Construction Corporation, China North Industries Group Corporation, Ordnance Equipment Group Corporation, China Petroleum Corporation, China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation, China National Offshore Oil Corporation, China Power will monitor the State Grid Corporation, China Guodian Corporation, China Huadian Corporation, China Huaneng Group, Shenhua Group and China Electricity Council, China Light Industry Association, China Textile Industry Association, China Energy Research Society, provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions Defense Industry Office (Military Division), namely, Energy Department and the Economic Commission Harbin Institute of Technology and other departments and work units in charge of energy technologies experts and professors as a technology consultant and editor of magazine. magazine consultant, editor of the strength of a well-known experts from Chinese Academy of Cai Rui Yin, the Chinese Engineering Academy Zhong-Qi Wang, Cai He-gao, PROCEEDINGS, Professor Ye Yuanxi, Yang Li Dan, talk about peace, in PROCEEDINGS, PROCEEDINGS, Zu-Wen (Dalian Maritime University), Jialin Xiang (U.S. Department of Energy National Laboratory Buer Hai article on high-energy particle accelerator and collider, a research fellow), Hong Soon (Professor Free University of Brussels, Belgium), Lin Wei Gang (Department of Chemical Engineering Professor, Technical University of Denmark) and other renowned domestic and foreign experts, professors and so on. As the leading sector support, consultants, editors and editorial work together, and the majority of authors, readers, to vigorously support to ensure the quality Chukan , a publication of the influential national energy one of the big TV. magazine readers are engaged in energy conversion and energy use of the technical staff and administrators. journal focused published in factories and enterprises, universities, research departments on specific energy-using equipment energy-saving results of theoretical and experimental research (academic papers to reach the level of core academic journals) and practical energy-saving technologies, introduction of scientific management and technology distribution experience. magazine has opened up the "Academic Argument" and "Discussion" column, please high level of expert contributors, and work with the current national energy-saving elements and discuss the task. exchange academic ideas, promote technological progress, promoting scientific and technological achievements to promote energy efficient products, improve the academic level. magazine has a large, wide range of subscribers ( In addition to Taiwan province, all provinces and cities throughout the country subscribers), greater impact, targeted, advertising a higher hit rate, the effect is good, low cost, the units in the magazine ads have made more obvious economic benefits. We are prepared Committee and the editorial department will work harder, strive to publications run, build quality, renowned throughout the country, to the world. (Translated by machine.)