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Journal of Changchun University of Technology(Natural Science Edition)

ISSN 1006-2939 
Organizer: chang chun gong ye da xue  
Publisher: chang chun gong ye da xue xue bao zi ran ke xue ban bian ji bu  
Description: Changchun University, Jilin Province is a key engineering universities, is a multidisciplinary engineering universities, in March 2002 changed its name to the former Changchun, Jilin Institute of Technology University. With mechanical engineering and automation, industrial design, material engineering, material forming and control engineering, automation, electrical engineering and automation, measurement and control technology and instruments, computer science and technology, electronic information engineering, business administration, information management and information system , International Economy and Trade, e-commerce, marketing, accounting, Chemical Engineering and Technology, Polymer Materials and Engineering, Pharmaceutical Engineering, Textile Engineering, Food Science and Engineering, costume design and engineering, biotechnology, art and design, information and computer science, law, social work, public utilities management, advertising, English, Japanese, educational technology, civil engineering, transportation, mechanical and electrical integration, computer and application, securities investment and management, computerized accounting, business English (Business English), public relations professional. The journal publishes basic disciplines related to professional and theoretical research, applied technology research in academic and scientific and technological achievements, as well as experimenting with new technologies, new methods, advanced science and technology literature review and comments presentation. (Translated by machine.)