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Contamination Control & Air-Conditioning Technology

ISSN 1005-3298 
Organizer: zhong guo dian zi gong cheng she ji yuan zhong guo dian zi xue hui jie jing ji shu fen hui  
Publisher: jie jing yu kong diao ji shu bian ji bu  
Description: Publication is the only report to the main content of clean technologies, and to the domestic public offering of the journal, by the competent Ministry of Information Industry, China Electronics Engineering Design Institute and the Chinese Institute of Electronics Technology Branch organized clean. To apply the technology-based publication, both academic and information, timely reports to relevant state building energy efficiency and environmental protection and other major technology policy. Covering clean room technology, clean room the system and auxiliary systems, such as clean rooms, building decoration, air-conditioning system, high water, high purity gas preparation and distribution systems, anti-static, anti microseismic facilities, clean the system and other aspects of domestic and foreign the latest scientific and technological achievements, academic equipment, development, engineering design, construction and operation management experience, relevant industry standards, implementation specifications, and the dynamic and international academic activities, products, market information. (Translated by machine.)