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Economic Research Guide

ISSN 1673-291X 
Organizer: hei long jiang sheng bao kan chu ban zhong xin  
Publisher: jing ji yan jiu dao kan bian ji bu  
Description: "Economic Research Guide" is published by the press center of Heilongjiang Province, organized public offering domestic and international academic journal of economics. Adhere to academic publications, the times, characteristics of innovative and advanced, based on the realities of China, aims to study economic theory and economic practice of providing a platform to promote the academic prosperity, to strengthen economic and cultural exchanges at home and abroad, as China's economic construction and modernization services . Research published in the journal is committed to reform and opening up, economic development and institutional transformation arising in the course of economic problems the article has a high theoretical level. The main columns are: expert forum, hot topics, economic theory, finance and taxation, enterprise reform and development, and new rural construction, finance and securities, accounting research, economic and law, marketing, economy, labor economics, social security, regional economic Northeast old industrial base, Dr. Corner, management world, to explore economic and trade, urban economy. Nearly well-known economists and scholars as members of academic journal, and magazine writer, the famous economist, Professor Xiao Zhuoji has published six journal articles. "Economic Research Guide" since November 2005 has been founded in the academic and editorial board member of the care and guidance, the majority of authors and readers in establishing a good image, in the academic journals in Longjiang enjoyed a certain popularity, and achieved a better social benefits. Journal articles published in 2006 by Congress, "Information and Data," reprinted 9, the index recorded 101. Ten provinces in the north in 2007 the second awards in the journal won the "Outstanding Journal Award." "Economic Research Guide" from the fourth since 2008, except scholarly articles published in economics, but also other social science articles can be published, author contributions are welcome!  (Translated by machine.)