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Pharmaceutical Journal of Chinese People's Liberation Army

ISSN 1008-9926 
Organizer: jie fang jun zong hou qin bu wei sheng bu yao pin yi qi jian yan suo  
Publisher: jie fang jun yao xue xue bao bian ji bu  
Description: The Journal is a national pharmacy academic journals, the Ministry of Health by the People's Liberation Army General Logistics Department director, General Logistics Department, Ministry of Health, Drug and Instrument sponsored publication, "Liberation Army of Pharmaceutical Technology" edited by, domestic and foreign public offering . The main report and the army of doctors, medicine colleges, research centers, and medical units, the senior professional and technical workers in research papers and research results; introduction of universal significance or special representative of the work experience, academic development and professional research with orientation and guidance. Journal has been listed as China's scientific papers Source Journals, China and the Chinese Medical Citation comprehensive evaluation of academic journals and a number of large databases as the source journals periodicals, was the "China Pharmaceutical Abstracts", "Chinese science and technology data directory, in the herbal medicine "as the core journals, and won the first" China Academic Journal (CD) Retrieval and Evaluation Standards "Executive Excellence Award. (Translated by machine.)