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Journal of PLA University of Science and Technology(Natural Science Edition)

ISSN 1009-3443 
Organizer: jie fang jun li gong da xue  
Publisher: jie fang jun li gong da xue xue bao bian ji bu  
Description: This publication is a comprehensive academic journal of natural science. To promote academic exchanges, promote the knowledge innovation, technological innovation as the guiding ideology to promote the development of military science and technology, training military talent for our military modernization for the purpose. Mainly published in electronics, military communications, computer and command automation, machinery, civil engineering, protection, camouflage, demolition, cross the river (sea) project, the military meteorology and mathematics, physics, engineering mechanics, the excellent papers, technical reports and scientific newsletters . Statistics with the Chinese Journal of Scientific Papers, is Chinese Science Citation Database, China Journal Net, China Academic Journal (CD) source journals. For a number of abstracts included. (Translated by machine.)