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Auto Car

ISSN 1007-1008 
Organizer: shang hai wu zi ji tuan qi che mao yi you xian gong si shang hai shi gong ye xi tong ke ji qing bao zhong xin  
Publisher: jiao che qing bao bian ji bu  
Description: 2002 and has a 150-year history of the world's first British car magazine "Autocar" co-publishing, owns "F1 Racing" / "Rall XS" two world-class exclusive domestic car races of the media rights, profoundly reflect the latest domestic and international car News The full-color fashion magazine, is China's most authoritative guide Cheung real car and vehicle evaluation platform, informative and timely, fresh and elegant style, beautifully designed, has become the forefront of the automotive industry business intelligence and dynamic meta to lecture hall. (Translated by machine.)