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Journal of Technology College Education

ISSN 1671-606X 
Organizer: wu han li gong da xue  
Publisher: li gong gao jiao yan jiu bian ji bu  
Description: "Building Theory and Practice of Higher Education" is the head of the Ministry of Education, Wuhan University of Technology organized by academic journals, domestic and overseas public offering. Since founded in 1982, in the prosperity of higher education, promote higher education reform, deepening of higher education theory and the theory of higher education researchers, university administrators and teachers to provide theoretical and practical experience in garden sharing purposes, through nearly 20 years of construction, the field of higher education research journal in the country has a certain impact, readers and authors of covering the domestic names of provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities. The new year, this issue will continue to the Journal, to strengthen self-construction, to better serve the readers and authors, to promote the development of higher education to provide information exchange services. (Translated by machine.)