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Journal of Hangzhou Normal University(Natural Sciences Edition)

ISSN 1008-9403 
Organizer: hang zhou shi fan xue yuan  
Publisher: hang zhou shi fan xue yuan xue bao bian ji bu  
Description: "Hangzhou Normal University" (Natural Science) founded in August 1979. 1989 into "Hangzhou Normal University" (integrated version), the normal Chukan year, until June 2002 through the "Hangzhou Institute of Education," was renamed the opportunity to formally become an independent bimonthly of the natural sciences. Annuals of school scholars in mathematics, physics, information engineering, chemistry, biology, geography, sports science and technical science, interdisciplinary science, and other basic research and applied research papers. With academic, academic review, teaching and research section, to reflect the latest academic research and promote academic exchanges. Internal and external experts enthusiastically welcome submissions in support of the development. (Translated by machine.)