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Journal of Huizhou University

ISSN 1671-5934 
Organizer: hui zhou xue yuan  
Publisher: hui zhou xue yuan xue bao bian ji bu  
Description: "Huizhou University" is a comprehensive, organized Huizhou academic publications. Founded in 1981, its predecessor is "Huiyang Teachers College" in 1994 changed its name to "Huizhou University", a quarterly. 2002 title changed to "Huizhou University", Journal of the bimonthly period of each year 1,2,4,5 Philosophy and Social Sciences, the first of the Natural Science 3,6. "Huizhou University" is a domestic public offering of academic journals, have joined the Chinese Academic Journal CD-ROM, the domestic Issues for the CN44-1553 / Z; continuous Issues for the International ISSN 1671-5934. Magazine features in a prominent journal, based on the academic quality continues to increase. In 1999, I published in a First National Liberal Arts appraised activities, won the Quality Improvement Award; and was the second session of the third prize of Universities. April 2003, obtained a first "CAJ-CD specification," the implementation of outstanding Series Award, August 2003, Huizhou City, won the second prize internal publication appraised activities. Since 1995, our journal papers published more than 50 articles have been held by the Chinese People's University Information Centre, reproduced copies of books, newspapers. 6 present editorial staff, including Deputy High 3, intermediate 2, with a doctorate, Master 2, 3 undergraduate. (Translated by machine.)