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Journal of Huaiyin Institute of Technology

ISSN 1009-7961 
Organizer: huai yin gong xue yuan  
Publisher: huai yin gong xue yuan xue bao bian ji bu  
Description: "Huaiyin Institute of Technology" conscientiously implement the purpose of the magazine editorial department, adhere to the Journal proper direction; pay close attention to the internal management of the work; establish quality awareness, and carefully build special column, attention to cultivate effective is the source; established a Peer Review expert database, business processes and business norms; a "double blind review system", the "three draft validation system" and "Editor division of responsibility" and a set of effective management mechanism; adjust the editorial team to enrich and strengthen Edit Business learning and training staff. After editing the joint efforts of all the comrades of the Ministry, in just two years time, "Huaiyin Institute of Technology," the academic quality of editing and journal impact level has improved significantly, which in one fell swoop into the ranks of Jiangsu Province, a journal . At present, Editorial Department is seriously sum up experiences, find enough to make "Huaiyin Institute of Technology," the journal level to a new level.  (Translated by machine.)