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Chemical Industry and Engineering

ISSN 1004-9533 
Organizer: tian jin hua gong xue hui tian jin da xue  
Publisher: hua xue gong ye yu gong cheng bian ji bu  
Description: Magazine was first published in 1984, Tianjin University and Tianjin Chemical Society journal Chemical organized. Mainly reflects the current chemistry, chemical industry the latest achievements of scientific research, introducing new domestic and international progress in chemical technology, new trends and promote science to the productive forces. Mainly related content: chemistry, chemical basic theory research; development and application of new materials; new catalysts and catalytic research and development projects; traditional chemical process of the renovation and new process development; chemical reactor design and process analysis and simulation; traditional separation processes and equipment to strengthen and reform and the development of new separation processes; environmental, biochemical and pharmaceutical engineering development and applications. Services mainly engaged in chemical, biochemical, environmental and pharmaceutical fields, scientific research, production and design of engineering and technical personnel and tertiary chemistry, chemical engineering class teachers and students. (Translated by machine.)