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Chemical Reaction Engineering and Technology

ISSN 1001-7631 
Organizer: lian he hua xue fan ying gong cheng yan jiu suo zhong shi hua shang hai shi you hua gong yan jiu yuan  
Publisher: hua xue fan ying gong cheng yu gong yi bian ji bu  
Description: This publication reflects the reaction of chemical engineering and technological aspects related to scientific and technological achievements, and promote international academic exchanges, and China's socialist modernization drive. This publication includes: chemical reaction dynamics, reaction engineering and analysis, the transmission works in the reactor, catalyst and catalytic reaction engineering, fluidization and multiphase reaction engineering, polymer reaction engineering, biochemical engineering, reaction process and the mathematical model of the reactor and simulation, structural characteristics of industrial research reactor, reactor and process development, and special amplification of the other. (Translated by machine.)