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Chemical Sensors

ISSN 1008-2298 
Organizer: zhong guo yi qi yi biao xue hui  
Publisher: hua xue chuan gan qi bian ji bu  
Description: "Chemical Sensors" is approved by the National Science and Technology Commission, sponsored by the China Instrument Society of the professional scientific journals, founded in 1981, domestic public offering. Magazine's main task is the exchange of chemical sensor development, theoretical research, applications in various fields, equipment and technology coupled with computer and other aspects of academic papers, to promote science and technology of chemical sensors in the various production sectors and the promotion of universal application. Metallurgy, geology, health and epidemic prevention, environmental protection, food inspection, biological medicine, chemical industry, agriculture, national defense, scientific research, universities and all engaged in chemical analysis, industrial process control and automatic detection of the ideal tool for scientists, right-hand man . Chemical analysis by the majority of scientific workers and the enthusiasm of teachers and students of tertiary institutions to support and praise. (Translated by machine.)