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Infrared and Laser Engineering

ISSN 1007-2276 
Organizer: zhong guo hang tian ke gong ji tuan gong si di san yan jiu yuan di ba san wu ba yan jiu suo  
Publisher: hong wai yu ji guang gong cheng bian ji bu  
Description: "Infrared and Laser Engineering," Department of the Chinese Society of Astronautics Technical Committee Proceedings Optoelectronics, by the China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation executives, founded in 1972, is approved by the State Science Commission and the State Press and Publication Administration's domestic and international public offering of state-level academic publications. Journal of continuous development for 30 years, now is the scientific papers Source Journals, Chinese core journals indexed by the United States (EI) compendex, the United Kingdom Science Abstracts (SA), Cambridge Scientific Abstracts (CSA), Russia Abstracts Journal (AJ) included, by U.S. international media guide, Wu Lixi Periodicals Directory, Chinese Science Citation Database (CSCD) included, organized into series Tsinghua University, Chinese Academic Journal CD-ROM. China's space industry journal is the field of photonics technology, academic and engineering application of an integrated set of publications, publishes the domestic aspects of infrared and laser technology and engineering research papers, reflect China photovoltaic technology in the aerospace, satellite and missile weapon system engineering level. Journals from the 70-member editorial board, including Wang Daheng, home country of light, Zhanglv Qian, Zhou Liwei, Yao Quan Academy of Sciences, and other well-known domestic optoelectronics experts and scholars, who come from aerospace, aviation, weapons, electronics, mechanical systems and the Chinese Academy of Sciences , domestic famous universities, have their reviewers check, journal quality is improved. (Translated by machine.)