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Land & Resources Herald

ISSN 1672-5603 
Organizer: hu nan sheng guo tu zi yuan ting  
Publisher: guo tu zi yuan dao kan bian wei hui  
Description: Publication is the excellent journal, a publication of Hunan Province, central China Geological Abstract Citation journals, Chinese Academic Journal (CD) contains full-text publications, Chinese Academic Journal Comprehensive Evaluation Database contains full-text journal sources, domestic and international public offering. "Hunan Geology" is sponsored by Hunan Provincial Department of Integrated Science and Technology Publications Resources Development and Management (quarterly). Annuals Geology and Mineral Resources of Hunan Province, land resources development and management, environmental protection and technological achievements, academic papers, discussions, new technologies, new methods, new discoveries, including basic geology, economic geology, testing technology, development of land resources management, environmental protection, tourism, mining administration and management, mining, research and other content, is the general geology, land resources and mining workers in administration and management mentor. Available for mining, land and resources management of the professional and technical personnel, management of cadres and the institutions and students to read and reference, and welcome to submit, welcome advertising. (Translated by machine.)