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Journal of Huaiyin Teachers College(Social Sciences Ediiton)

ISSN 1007-8444 
Organizer: huai yin shi fan xue yuan  
Publisher: huai yin shi fan xue yuan xue bao bian ji bu  
Description: The journal is international public offering academic journals. On China's political, economic, philosophical, historical, literature, language, and the theory of higher education of Teachers, for outstanding achievements in scientific research to provide publication of school garden. Publication adhere to the direction of the socialist modernization drive and double hundreds policy, support for new a new, prosperous academic research, Zhou Enlai to open up a study of Marxism and contemporary China, Textual History, academic years, scholars of contemporary higher education research and other special column. Uphold the unity of theory and practice, the times and the unity of scientific, academic and readability of the unity, emphasizing the depth of research, encourage academic discussion. (Translated by machine.)