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Weighing Apparatus

ISSN 1003-5729 
Organizer: quan guo heng qi gong ye xin xi zhong xin  
Publisher: heng qi bian ji bu  
Description: Academic publication is the financial, technical business information, marketing experience, quality management as a whole, for domestic and international distribution of national publications. "Scale" is a bimonthly, 15, issued monthly, color offset printing, large 16 mo, the body 48. 40 per year subscription price of domestic (including postage), overseas annual subscription price $ 30 (including postage), Hong Kong, Macao 120 annual subscription (including postage). Subscription at any time. Weighing fully reflect the publication of the dynamic development of the industry and the major scientific and technological achievements to the national, professional, practical features, rich content, a wide range of readers and informative. Subscribe, advertising, welcome to submit. (Translated by machine.)