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China Concerete and Cement Products

ISSN 1000-4637 
Organizer: su zhou hun ning tu shui ni zhi pin yan jiu yuan  
Publisher: hun ning tu yu shui ni zhi pin bian ji bu  
Description: Journal founded in 1974, is the domestic and international public offering of core journals of Building Sciences, the Chinese scientific papers Source Journals. Journal's aim is: To report the domestic industry, concrete and cement products, the production (construction), application, research, design, teaching and business management, new technology, new achievements, new experiences and new momentum. From the publicity policy, exchange experiences, disseminate knowledge, exchange information and services for the industry, the role of technological development. This publication readers are: civil engineering design, construction, scientific research units, concrete and cement products manufacturing enterprises and equipment manufacturers, installers scientific and technical personnel (including technical workers) and business management; tertiary institutions, professional civil engineering students; building units and infrastructure sector concerned. Publication and subscription and submission to undertake the publication of color, black and white advertising business, welcome to contact. (Translated by machine.)