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Chinese Journal of Energetic Materials

ISSN 1006-9941 
Organizer: zhong guo gong cheng wu li yan jiu yuan  
Publisher: han neng cai liao bian ji bu  
Description: This publication is sponsored by the Chinese Academy of Engineering Physics academic journals since 1993, domestic public offering in 1995. Director of Chinese Academy of Engineering Fellow, served as journal editor of seamounts, honorary editor. Chen Chinese Academy of Sciences wrote the title wide publication. Famous scientist Wang Ganchang, Zhu Guangya, as the journal title of the word. Publication is currently editor of the Chinese Academy of Engineering Physics Research Institute of Chemical Materials, Huang Hui researchers. Published Content: Synthesis of Energetic Materials, Properties and Application Technology; thermal chemical energetic materials and reaction kinetics; energetic materials with polymers, plasticizers and related compounds Synthesis and Application; Composite Energetic Materials formula research and related science and technology; physical and chemical analysis of energetic materials and testing; stability, compatibility and shelf life studies; propellants, propellants, Explosive, pyrotechnics and fireworks technology; explosives and detonation properties of explosion technology; the safety performance of energetic materials with energetic materials research and related security and environmental protection technologies; weapons and ammunition design, test and related materials development, performance testing; and publication of disciplines and specialties related to research dynamic , conference newsletters, award information, book reviews or book reports and other articles described. Readers are mainly engaged in energetic materials research, production, application of scientific and technological personnel and the institutions and students. (Translated by machine.)