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Heilongjiang Pulp & Paper

ISSN 1673-0283 
Organizer: hei long jiang sheng zao zhi gong ye yan jiu suo hei long jiang sheng zao zhi xue hui  
Publisher: hei long jiang zao zhi bian ji bu  
Description: Publication by the director of Light Industry Bureau of Heilongjiang Province, Heilongjiang Province, sponsored by the Institute of paper pulp and paper industry a comprehensive technical publications, is a society of Heilongjiang Province, paper, magazine based in the province, reported that domestic pulp and paper industry in scientific research, production, operation, management, advanced technology, experience and market information, for the majority of skilled workers, technicians, management one, and tertiary teachers and students for reference. Same time to facilitate the paper mill, Paper Machinery Factory and related chemical business, we offer the advertising business, welcome to advertise, we will provide you with excellent service. "Heilongjiang paper" Issues for the quarterly national unity as CN23-1258/TS, priced at 25 per year, subscribe to your money through banks or post offices to the Institute of Heilongjiang Province, the paper industry. (Translated by machine.)