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Acta Scientiae Circumstantiae
2011 Issue 8
Fuzzy assessment model for the health risk of heavy metals in urban dusts based on trapezoidal fuzzy numbers
LI Ruzhong*;TONG Fang;ZHOU Aijia;WU Yadong;ZHANG Ping;YU Jia School of Resources and Environmental Engineering;Hefei University of Technology;Hefei 230009
Effects of sodium nitrite on invasion of hepatoma SMMC-7721 cells
YAN Wenyi1;HUANGFU Chaoshen1;2;*;SHI Qi1;LI Yanhong1;SHI Zhenyu1;LI Yongqiang1;LIU Bin1 1.The Institute of Environmental Medicine;Medical College of Henan University;Kaifeng 475004 2.Center for Environment and Health Engineering;Henan University;Kaifeng 475004
Effects of manganese on the growth and nitrogen metabolism in hyper-accumulators Polygonum pubescens blume and Polygonum hydropiper L.
YU Fangming1;3;LI Yan1;LIU Kehui2;*;LI Mingshun1;3;DENG Hua1;3;YANG Donglin4;ZHOU Zhenming1;3 1.College of Environment and Resource;Guangxi Normal University;Guilin 541004 2.College of Life and Environmental Science;Guilin University of Electronic Technology;Guilin 541004 3.Guangxi Key Laboratory of Environmental Engineering;Protection and Assessment;Guilin 541004 4.School of Life Science;Guangxi Normal University;Guilin 541004
Monitoring the aerosol optical properties over Hangzhou using remote sensing data
XIAO Zhongyong1;JIANG Hong1;2;*;CHEN Jian2;WANG Bin2;JIANG Zishan1 1.International Institute for Earth System Science;Nanjing University;Nanjing 210093 2.State Key Laboratory of Subtropical Forest Science & Zhejiang Provincial Key Laboratory of Carbon Cycling in Forest Ecosystems and Carbon Sequestration;Zhejiang Agriculture and Forestry University;Hangzhou 311300
Valuation of economic losses from grassland ecosystem degradation using remote sensing data
CAO Dong1;2;YU Fang2;*;ZHU Wenquan3;XIE Guangxuan2;SONG Cunyi1 1.College of Civil and Environmental Engineering;University of Science and Technology Beijing;Beijing 100083 2.Chinese Academy for Environmental Planning;Beijing 100012 3.College of Resources Science & Technology;Beijing Normal University;Beijing 100875
Using different facies of sulfur isotopic composition for tracing the process of soil pollution
GUO Qingjun1;*;CHEN Tongbin1;YANG Jun1;Harald Strauss2;LEI Mei1;ZHU Guangxu1;LI Yanmei1;ZHOU Xiaoyong1 1.Center for Environmental Remediation;Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources Research;Chinese Academy of Sciences;Beijing 100101 2.Institut für Geologie und Palontologie;Westflische Wilhelms-Universitt Münster;Corrensstr.24;48149 Münster;Germany
Isolation,identification,degradation characteristics and pathway of a pyrethroid-degrading bacterial strain
CHEN Shaohua;LUO Jianjun;HU Meiying*;LAI Kaiping;GENG Peng;XIAO Ying Key Laboratory of Natural Pesticide and Chemical Biology;Ministry of Education;Laboratory of Insect Toxicology;South China Agricultural University;Guangzhou 510642
Ability of Bacillus amyloliquefaciens to inhibit growth of Anabaena flos-aquae and the inhibition mechanism
LI Chao;WU Weizhong*;WU Weilong;YANG Luhua;ZHU Yuanqing College of Environmental Sciences and Engineering;Peking University;Beijing 100871
Pyrolysis study of scrap automotive polymers with TG-MS technique
LI Chao1;LIU Xinmin1;GENG Qijin1;GUO Qingjie1;*;LI Jinhui2 1.College of Chemical Engineering;Qingdao University of Science & Technology;Key Laboratory of Clean Chemical Process;Qingdao 266042 2.Key Laboratory for Solid Waste Management and Environment Safety;Ministry of Education of China;Tsinghua University;Beijing 100084
Development and application of an analytical method for determination of nitro-polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in ambient aerosols
WANG Bangjin1;LI Huaijian2;ZHAN Jie1;SUN Yanfeng1;HOU Meiling1;LIU Dujuan1;WANG Wu1;* 1.Institute of Environmental Pollution and Health;Shanghai University;Shanghai 200444 2.Environmental Protection Agency;Shuicheng;Guizhou Province;Guiyang 553000
Research progresson mass transfer in biofilms for wastewater treatment
ZHOU Lü1;*;LI Ge1;2;SHIN Hangsik3;LI Tao1;XING Lizhen2 1.School of Environment;Tsinghua University;Beijing 100084 2.Department of Municipal and Environmental Engineering;Shandong Jianzhu University;Jinan 250101 3.Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering;Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology;Daejeon 305-701;Korea
Use of Bacillus subtilis in purification of slightly-polluted water
CHEN Shangzhi1;2;HU Yongyou1;2;* 1.Ministry of Education Key Laboratory of Pollution Control and Ecological Remediation for Industrial Agglomeration Area;College of Environmental Science and Engineering;South China University of Technology;Guangzhou 510006 2.State Key Lab of Pulp and Paper Engineering;College of Light Industry and Food Science;South China University of Technology;Guangzhou 510640
A review of phyto-microbial remediation of perchlorate-contaminated soil and groundwater
FANG Qile;CHEN Baoliang* Department of Environmental Science;Zhejiang University;Hangzhou 310058
Cell surface characteristics of Saccharomyces cerevisiae after Pb(Ⅱ) uptake
CHEN Can;WANG Jianlong* Laboratory of Environmental Technology;INET;Tsinghua University;Beijing 100084
Effect of pre-ozonation in microfiltration of secondary effluent organic matter
ZHU Hongtao1;*;SUN Pengcheng2;WEN Xianghua3;HUANG Xia3 1.Research Center for Water Pollution Source Control and Eco-Remediation;Beijing Forestry University;Beijing 100083 2.Shanxi Academy for Environmental Planning;Taiyuan 030002 3.Environmental Simulation and Pollution Control State Key Joint Laboratory;School of Environmental Science and Engineering;Tsinghua University;Beijing 100084
Effect of anionic polyacrylamide on settleability and dewaterability of sewage sludge
WANG Shuqin1;LUO Songtao1;LI Guozhong1;ZHAO Xiulan1;2;* 1.College of Resources and Environment;Southwest University;Key Laboratory of Eco-environments in Three Gorges Reservoir Region;Ministry of Education;Chongqing 400715 2.Key Laboratory of Agricultural Resources and Environment of Chongqing;Chongqing 400716
Limnological characteristics and environmental effects of the Baihua Reservoir in Guizhou Plateau,China
XIA Pinhua;LI Qiuhua;LIN Tao;HU Jiwei* Guizhou Key Laboratory for Mountainous Environmental Information and Ecological Protection;Guizhou Normal University;Guiyang 550001
Ozonation of Herbicide Glyphosate
SHEN Yuanli1;2;MA Jinfeng1;ZHAO Xu1;*;LIU Shuangyue2;LAN Huachun1 1.State Key Laboratory of Environmental Aquatic Chemistry;Research Center for Eco-Environmental Sciences;Chinese Academy of Sciences;Beijing 100085 2.Civil and Environmental School;University of Science and Technology Beijing;Beijing 100083
Characterization of non-methane hydrocarbons emitted from Chinese cooking
ZHANG Chunyang;MA Yongliang* State Key Joint Laboratory of Environment Simulation and Pollution Control;School of Environment;Tsinghua University;Beijing 100084
Development and validation of a kinetic model for the biomass of different bacterial strains in a multi-strain biofilm
SUN Guosheng1;2;JIA Xiaoshan1;* 1.School of Environmental Science and Engineering of Sun Yat-Sen University;Guangzhou 510006 2.Guangdong Yuegang Water Supply CO.;LTD.;Shenzhen 518021
Nitrous oxide and carbon dioxide emissions from upland acidic soils under flooding and moistening pretreatments
WANG Lianfeng1;2;CAI Zucong1;* 1.State Key Laboratory of Soil and Sustainable Agriculture;Institute of Soil Science;Chinese Academy of Sciences;Nanjing 210008 2.Liaoning Provincial Universities Key Lab of Environmental Science and Technology;College of Environmental and Chemical Engineering;Dalian Jiaotong University;Dalian 116028
Numerical simulation and prediction of migration of leachate into natural soil strata under a simple MSW dump
ZHAN Liangtong*;LIU Wei;CHEN Yunmin;CHEN Ruhai MOE Key Laboratory of Soft Soils and Geoenvironmental Engineering;Zhejiang University;Hangzhou 310058
In situ nutrient removal from aquaculture wastewater by the aquatic vegetable Ipomoea aquatica on floating beds
LI Wenxiang1;LI Wei1;2;LIN Mingli1;2;WANG Yingxiong3;LIU Jiashou1;LI Zhongjie1;* 1.Institute of Hydrobiology;Chinese Academy of Sciences;Wuhan 430072 2.Graduate School of the Chinese Academy of Sciences;Beijing 100039 3.Honghu Fishery Technical Extension Station;Honghu 433200
Solubilization of excess sludge by thermophilic enzymes:Effect of metal ions
ZHOU Jun1;3;ZHENG Wei1;3;LI Xiaoming1;2;3;*;YANG Qi1;3;CHEN Wei1;3;LUO Kun1;3 1.College of Environmental Science and Engineering;Hunan University;Changsha 410082 2.College of Environment;Guangxi University;Nanning 530004 3.Key Laboratory of Environmental Biology and Pollution Control;Ministry of Education;Changsha 410082
Removal of Chlorella Pyrenoidosa by copper-chitosan algaecide
CHEN Yucheng1;2;*;YANG Zhimin1;2;LI Hongliang2;3 1.Key Laboratory of Eco-environments in Three Gorges Reservoir Region;Southwest University;Chongqing 400715 2.College of Resources & Environment;Southwest University;Chongqing 400716 3.Environment Protection Bureau of Banan District;Chongqing 401320
Influence of complexing agents on enzymatic hydrolysis of sludge during anaerobic digestion
XIE Bingxin1;3;LUO Kun1;3;YANG Qi1;3;*;MO Chuangrong3;LI Xiaoming1;2;3;YU Jing1;3;LIU Jingjin1;3 1.College of Environmental Science and Engineering;Hunan University;Changsha 410082 2.School of the Environment;Guangxi University;Nanning 530004 3.Key Laboratory of Environmental Biology and Pollution Control;Ministry of Education;Changsha 410082
Characteristics and sources of atmospheric aerosols over the East China Sea
SHI Jinhui1;2;*;ZHANG Yun 2;GAO Huiwang1;2;ZHANG Jing3 1.Key Laboratory of Marine Environmental Science and Ecology;Ministry of Education of China;Ocean University of China;Qingdao 266100 2.College of Environmental Science and Engineering;Ocean University of China;Qingdao 266100 3.State Key Laboratory of Estuarine and Coastal Research;East China Normal University;Shanghai 200062
Analysis of the carbon and oxygen balance of a complex urban ecosystem:A case study in the coastal city of Xiamen
MA Jinying1;YIN Kai2;LIN Tao3;4;* 1.Business School of Hunan Normal University;Changsha 410081 2.Institute of Remote Sensing Application;Chinese Academy of Sciences;Beijing 100101 3.Key Lab of Urban Environment and Health;Institute of Urban Environment;Chinese Academy of Sciences;Xiamen 361021 4.Xiamen Key Lab of Urban Metabolism;Xiamen 361021
Molecular detection of anammox bacteria in the sediment of West Lake,Hangzhou
SHEN Lidong;HU Baolan;ZHENG Ping;QIAN Yichao;CHEN Tingting;HU Anhui;LOU Liping* Department of Environmental Engineering;Zhejiang University;Hangzhou 310029
Effect of sludge properties on membrane formation and fouling in a dynamic membrane bioreactor
YAO Jia1;HUANG Tianyin1;*;YU Hanqing2;LI Wenwei2;3 1.School of Environment;Suzhou University of Science and Technology;Suzhou 215011 2.University of Science and Technology of China;Hefei 230026 3.Advanced Lab for Environmental Research & Technology of USTC;Suzhou 215123
Distribution and health risk assessment of polychlorinated biphenyls in underground rivers of Chongqing,Southwest China
HU Ying;QI Shihua*;ZHANG Junpeng;ZHANG Beibei;SONG Qi State Key Laboratory of Biogeology and Environmental Geology;China University of Geosciences;Wuhan 430074
Distribution and pollution assessment of heavy metals in sediments from typical areas in the Bohai Sea
ZHANG Lei;QIN Yanwen*;ZHENG Binghui;JIA Jing;LEI Kun State Environmental Protection Key Laboratory of Estuary and Coastal Environment;Chinese Research Academy of Environmental Sciences;Beijing 100012