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Environment and Sustainable Development

ISSN 1673-288X 
Organizer: zhong ri you hao huan jing bao hu zhong xin  
Publisher: huan jing yu ke chi xu fa zhan bian ji bu  
Description: "Environmental Science News" magazine founded in 1976 by the head of the State Environmental Protection Administration, China-Japan Friendship Environmental Protection Center, the State Environmental Protection Administration, Environmental and Economic Policy Research Centre, a comprehensive environmental science journals. "Environmental Science News," the purpose of the magazine to promote the party and the country's environmental guidelines, policies, regulations, introduced domestic and foreign environmental research, environmental work experience; introduce various types of environmental pollution treatment, disposal and pollution control technology experience; introduce domestic External information on environmental science and dynamic. Macro and micro environment of social science and environmental science, the combination of improvement and popularization. Comprehensive coverage of domestic and international environments dynamic development of science and research, promote communication between authors and readers. Main sections: policy research, review reports, investigation and study, applied technology, new knowledge introduced. Contents: 1. Domestic and international environmental policy, environmental management, environmental law, environmental economics, environmental medicine, environmental toxicology, environmental education and other review and research reports. 2. Domestic and international environment and ecology, rural environmental protection, environmental protection industry, cleaner production, water, gas, slag, noise pollution control technology, advanced technology research and case analysis, review and research reports. 3. Environmental planning, environmental analysis and monitoring techniques, environmental quality assessment, environmental impact assessment, integrated prevention and control methods and typical survey inspection report. 4. Environmental policy, environmental science, governance, technology trends, protect the environment and ecology, protection of human health, housing, environment, life science, legal knowledge, introduction, social environmental hot spots, important academic activities and the environmental industry market information. "Environmental Science News" quarterly, domestic and international public offerings, large 16 mo, 48, 12 at the end of each quarter published. Pricing 8 yuan each, the annual total of 32 million. International Standard Serial Number for the ISSN1003-2347, Issues of national unity for the CN11-1955 / X, Advertising Business License: Business North Canton Zi Jing No. 0208. Post offices across the country can subscribe Youfadaihao :82-78. More ...  (Translated by machine.)