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Journal of Salt amd Chemical Industry

ISSN 1673-6850 
Organizer: zhong yan zhi yan gong cheng ji shu yan jiu yuan  
Publisher: yan ye yu hua gong bian ji bu  
Description: Publication of the original "Sea Lake Salt and Chemical Industry" Founded in 1972 by the National Science and Technology and approved the publication of Press and Publication Administration, Engineering and Technology Research Institute in Salt Salt organized domestic and international public offering. Purpose of the magazine: the four cardinal principles, for the two civilizations, to promote technical progress salt industry, salt industry workers to improve the quality of the salt industry modernization. This publication reported that domestic and foreign salt and chemical, biological salt, the salt industry machinery, advanced technology and economic benefits related to a significant scientific and technological achievements and advanced experience and technical and economic information, resources and product development of deep processing. Publication in Chinese core journals; core journals Science and Technology of China; included the American Chemical Abstracts (CA) periodicals; Chinese Academic Journal (CD) contains full-text journals; Chinese Academic Journal Comprehensive Evaluation Database source journals; Chinese Science Citation Database source journals. (Translated by machine.)