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Journal of Huaihua University

ISSN 1671-9743 
Organizer: huai hua xue yuan  
Publisher: huai hua xue yuan xue bao bian ji bu  
Description: "Huaihua University" is Huaihua comprehensive academic journal founded. Big 16 format, 160 pages, bimonthly, national unity Issues for the CN43-1394 / Z, International Standard Serial Number for the ISSN1671-9743. Yang Bo-Su is currently Editorial Director, Editor Dr. Yang Bo-Su, Professor Luo Kanglong (Chair); Associate Editor, Editorial Director Liu Jinghui, deputy editor. "Huaihua of" pay attention to political, practical, academic, scientific, local, uphold the Party's basic line, adhere to the correct direction of running. Set on the column to introduce new theory of Deng Xiaoping opened up the local culture research, cultural studies, such as columns, and strive to do without me there, who have my spirit, my people flat convex, formed its own characteristics. Published a large selection of innovations, breakthroughs, scientific arguments, arguments fully, with high academic value and practical significance of the article, as the local university played a leading academic journals of their thoughts and academic-oriented role. "Huaihua University," has more than 600 periodicals and domestic relations established exchanges, including "The Chinese University of Hong Kong", "University of Hong Kong", "Hong Kong Baptist University." In addition, with the "Singapore Polytechnic University", German "Math Digest", the United States, "Mathematical Reviews" Russia "Digest Magazine" has close contacts. There are many articles has been the Chinese People's University Press publication of the data center, "the National College of Liberal Arts Digest", "Xinhua Digest", "China Social Science Digest", Academy of Sciences, "Abstracts of Chinese mathematics," United States "Mathematical Reviews" and other authoritative Publications reprint, excerpt. "Huaihua newspaper" is China's only been in Germany, "MATH" of one of the more than 60 included. Academic circles at home and abroad had a certain impact. The State Council Information Office, the State Press and Publication Administration review the record, "Huaihua University" is "China Journal" and "China Academic Journal (CD)" text included, and was included in the evaluation of Chinese Academic Journal Database source journals. "Huaihua University" in Hunan Province in 1989 won the Periodical Press and Publication Bureau Department, Hunan College of the Quality Excellence Award will be presented. In 1999, Hunan College of Social Science of competitions in the second prize in the Natural Science of Hunan College of appraisals from the second prize, and won the outstanding part design award. Universities in Hunan Province in 2002 won the second prize competitions. (Translated by machine.)