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Journal of Huaihai Institute of Technology(Natural Sciences Edition)

ISSN 1672-6685 
Organizer: huai hai gong xue yuan  
Publisher: huai hai gong xue yuan xue bao bian ji bu  
Description: Publication by the director of Jiangsu Provincial Department of Education, Huaihai Institute of Technology sponsored by the Natural Sciences (including the technical sciences) comprehensive academic publication, founded in 1985, Chinese Journal, a large 16-open, domestic and overseas public offering. Huaihai Institute of Technology published the majority of primary teachers as well as internal and external, domestic and foreign experts, scholars, higher levels of academic research, including basic science, mechanical engineering, computer and electronic engineering, chemical engineering, food engineering, civil engineering, spatial information science and marine biotechnology, engineering and other related disciplines, to apply the technology research and development as the goal, highlight the creative, academic, Innovation, pragmatism, refinement, and focus on shaping the Journal brand. The editorial committee of renowned experts both inside and outside the province, more than 10 professors and Huaihai Institute of Technology Department of the Ministry of professors, associate professors or PhD, is responsible for determining the purpose of the magazine and the validation of the results of the academic quality of paper. Huaihai Institute of Technology by the Editorial Board Chairman Mrs comrades as party secretary and the Chinese Academy of Engineering Chair, former president of Nanjing University of Science Professor Li Hongzhi as an Honorary Chairman.  (Translated by machine.)