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Control and Instruments in Chemical Industry

ISSN 1000-3932 
Organizer: tian hua hua gong ji xie ji zi dong hua yan jiu she ji yuan  
Publisher: hua gong zi dong hua ji yi biao bian ji bu  
Description: Publication approved by the National Science and Technology Commission, the industrial application of domestic and international public offering of professional journals. Journal founded in 1965, with review and comment, process control, computer technology, detection and control devices, instrumentation, and technical transformation and innovation, lectures and other columns, readers for the chemical, petrochemical, metallurgy, electric power, medicine, paper, textile and other industries and project engineering and technical personnel responsible; the major research and design institutes, engineering staff and tertiary students. The chemical industry publication has been selected core journals, "Chinese Science Citation Database" source journals, "Chinese Academic Journal Comprehensive Evaluation Database" source journals, "China Journal" contains full text journals, "China Academic Journal (CD)" contains full text journals, Chemical Abstracts (CA) source journals, the U.S. engineering information company (Ei) Ei Page One Indexed journals. Articles on many occasions by national, provincial and ministerial awards, two consecutive terms was named outstanding journals. (Translated by machine.)