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Chemical Engineering Design Communications

ISSN 1003-6490 
Organizer: hu nan hua gong yi yao she ji yuan  
Publisher: hua gong she ji tong xun bian ji bu  
Description: The publication of national science and technology public offering of domestic and international journals, founded in 1975, organized by Hunan Chemical Industry Design Institute. Range of distribution throughout the provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions chemical industry department, institute, research center (), fertilizer companies, chemical companies, universities, libraries and the information sector. Reported the design of chemical products, scientific research, production, construction, technical transformation and other aspects of new technology, new materials, new products, new equipment, new technology. Main features: chemical fertilizers and related products, both inorganic chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and academic research and engineering design project information reports. Main sections: Summary of Design, Application, technological innovation, technology, waste management, project information, academic research, product advertising. Magazine is a quarterly, large 16 to open, each priced 8, 32 per year. Newspaper subscriptions available at the unit or the local post office order. Subscribe to the readers the opportunity to miss the post office can be directly linked with the editorial department, orders available on request. Subscribe! Welcome contributions! Welcome to advertising! (Translated by machine.)