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Journal of Huanggang Normal University

ISSN 1003-8078 
Organizer: huang gang shi fan xue yuan  
Publisher: huang gang shi fan xue yuan xue bao bian ji bu  
Description: Publication by the director of Hubei Provincial Department of Education, East China Normal University hosted the arts, science integrated version of academic journals. Founded in March 1981, July 1989 public offering. The creation of a study of literature and art magazine, eastern Hubei culture research, case studies and other fine math section. Case studies in which mathematics is "abstract mathematics in China," the authority of the United States "Journal of Mathematical Reviews," Journal of sources included, the paper repeated its Extracts, special part of the jute eastern Hubei uprising of History, Henan, Anhui Revolutionary Base to fill in a number of research History of the gaps in the field. Su has been an impact study and research overseas practices Su one of the forums. (Translated by machine.)