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Henan Metallurgy

ISSN 1006-3129 
Organizer: he nan sheng jin shu xue hui an yang gang tie ji tuan you xian ze ren gong si  
Publisher: he nan ye jin bian ji bu  
Description: Publication is in Henan Province Society for Metals, Anyang Iron & Steel Group Co., Ltd. jointly organized a national public offering of integrated technology journals (bimonthly). The journal publishes experimental research metallurgical industries, review comments, questions, technical innovation, new techniques, new equipment, new technology applications, technical papers, but also reports on the academic developments and domestic and international metallurgical technical information. Timely reports to the metallurgical industry and outside of scientific and technological achievements and management experience, the better for metallurgical production, construction, research and design services, and continuously improve the academic level and journal publication quality, sincerely welcome both inside and outside the universities, research institutions and industrial and mining experts, scholars, engineers and technicians to send manuscripts to the journal. (Translated by machine.)