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Journal of Harbin University of Science and Technology

ISSN 1007-2683 
Organizer: ha er bin li gong da xue  
Publisher: ha er bin li gong da xue xue bao bian ji bu  
Description: Publication adhere to the policy of the party's two-hundred years the same basic line and the party spirit for the twenty-first century, promoting the technology boom. Active academic atmosphere, information and communication technology to better serve the socialist economic construction and the four modernizations. At the same time, adhere to based on the school, for the country strategy of running the world timely report my school research, promotion of domestic academic exchanges, to improve my teaching and research university of the purpose of the magazine. To this end, with my school situation, setting, mechanical power engineering, materials science and engineering, electrical and electronic engineering, computer engineering, control columns, were CA, AJ and other authoritative database included. (Translated by machine.)