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Journal of Marine Science and Application

ISSN 1671-9433 
Organizer: ha er bin gong cheng da xue  
Publisher: ha er bin gong cheng da xue xue bao bian ji bu  
Description: JOURNAL OF MARINE SCIENCE AND APPLICATION (ISSN 1671-9433 CN 23-1505 / T) (Ship and Ocean Engineering) or "Harbin Engineering University (English Edition)", founded in 2002 by the National Defense Commission in charge, Harbin project organized by the University. The journal has now the second largest publisher of International signed a cooperation agreement Springer, since 2007 the entire contents into the Springer journal databases. The journal is the problems related to the sea in the area of the ship an academic journal, is based on the three sea a nuclear (shipping industry, the Navy equipment and technology, ocean development and application of nuclear energy, etc.) based comprehensive academic journal, publishes the China Shipbuilding and marine areas and high levels of the latest academic research, to promote international academic exchanges to promote the development of China's shipbuilding technology. Specific content related to marine engineering, marine power engineering and nuclear engineering, Underwater Acoustic, automatic control, electrical engineering and computer applications. Founded the journal in the beginning of a long-term goals will be established, that in the near future to become the domestic first-class, internationally renowned academic journal. To this end, the establishment of a well-known domestic experts and scholars based editorial board, so to achieve this goal have basic protection. In addition, the following measures: First, excellent manuscript collection in the country, efforts to attract well-known experts and scholars contributor, and is actively discovering and developing new; Secondly, domestic and foreign institutions, schools and individuals to build multi-channel, multi-level directional exchange of information and exchange, give each other programs and raise the level of the magazine and visibility; third, fully investigate and research the idea of running the world's leading journals and journal features, combined with China's national conditions, its way to take the distinctive characteristics internationalization. (Translated by machine.)