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East China Forest Management

ISSN 1004-7743 
Organizer: guo jia lin ye ju hua dong lin ye diao cha gui hua she ji yuan zhong guo lin xue hui sen lin jing li fen hui hua dong di qu yan jiu hui quan guo lin ye diao cha gui hua ke ji xin xi wang hua dong da qu zhan  
Publisher: hua dong sen lin jing li bian ji bu  
Description: This publication published monitoring and management of forest resources, forest management, forest zoning and design, forest economics, landscape design rules, Forestry Computer and Remote Sensing, seedling planting and other aspects of academic, practical and technological achievements report, operational guidance and technical management of paper, with strong guidance, technical, intellectual and practical. Magazine for agricultural and forestry colleges and students, research institutes, agriculture, forestry, agriculture, forestry management and forest production units of scientific and technological personnel to read, mentor of forestry workers. (Translated by machine.)