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Journal of East China Jiaotong University

ISSN 1005-0523 
Organizer: hua dong jiao tong da xue  
Publisher: hua dong jiao tong da xue xue bao bian ji bu  
Description: "East China Jiaotong University," is the formal approval of the State Press and Publications Administration, Comprehensive public offering academic bimonthly, published in our students and teachers and related institutions, enterprises and institutions reflect the latest achievements in teaching and research articles and high-tech achievements. University adhere to based on the school, for the community, seek truth from facts and Hundred Flowers policy to promote scientific and technological development, promoting academic exchanges, teaching, research and local economic and cultural development, social development. "East China Jiaotong University," published in several major chemical, civil construction, mechanical and electrical engineering, computer science and engineering, electrical and electronic engineering, information engineering, economics, management science, humanities, law, foreign language and literature, physical education, arts Science, art and design and other natural sciences and social sciences academic papers, academic studies and comprehensive reviews. (Translated by machine.)