China Synthetic Fiber Industry 1001-0041
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China Synthetic Fiber Industry

ISSN 1001-0041 
Organizer: zhong guo shi hua ji tuan ba ling shi you hua gong you xian ze ren gong si zhong guo shi hua ji tuan gong si he cheng xian wei ke ji qing bao zhong xin zhan  
Publisher: he cheng xian wei gong ye bian ji bu  
Description: Professional technical publications. Organizers also Sinopec Baling Petrochemical Company Limited, National Engineering Research Center of Synthetic Fibers. Reflects the domestic chemical fiber industry technology research and development. With research and development, research newsletter, review, practice and experience in presentations, newsletters domestic and foreign news and other columns. Readers for the synthetic fiber production, research, design and management of scientific and technical personnel.  (Translated by machine.)