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Chinese Journal of Synthetic Chemistry

ISSN 1005-1511 
Organizer: si chuan sheng hua xue hua gong xue hui zhong guo ke xue yuan cheng du you ji hua xue yan jiu  
Publisher: he cheng hua xue bian ji bu  
Description: Publication by Science in China, and Sichuan Province, Chengdu Institute of Organic Chemistry Institute of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering co-hosted journals. Founded in 1993, domestic public offering. The main contents include basic organic synthesis, polymer synthesis, synthesis and biological aspects of inorganic synthesis of basic and applied research in Chinese or English research papers, research bulletins, research presentations, and the field of synthetic chemistry between the various disciplines of Chinese reviewed. China in 2003 were included scientific papers Source Journals (core journals Science and Technology of China). CA included in thousands of 2003 ranked No. 710 in the table (China selected the first 39 scientific and technical journals.) Selected as the first batch of Chinese Academic Journal (CD) is one of the publication in 1999, measured by the Chinese Science and Technology Literature Research Center of Certification as the "Chinese Science Citation Database" source journals. (Translated by machine.)