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Torrential Rain and Disasters

ISSN 1004-9045 
Organizer: zhong guo qi xiang ju wu han bao yu yan jiu suo  
Publisher: bao yu zai hai bian ji bu  
Description: Weather Bureau publication by the director of Hubei, Wuhan Central Meteorological Observatory organized a comprehensive scientific journals. Publication of the journal idea is to "correct guidance, strengthen quality awareness, and create academic scope, increase the intensity of services", and the constant pursuit of high degree of awareness, theoretical depth and guidance efforts. Main new results published in meteorological research, weather service modernization Progress, meteorological science and technology services and industry to develop new ideas, new concepts of meteorological work management, meteorological stations at all levels to create new measures of spiritual civilization: the experience at the same time published forecasts weather forecasting, weather in all walks of Summary of industry, meteorological science and technology developments, weather and other types of popular science articles. The main columns are weather and climate, apply weather, disaster prevention and mitigation, and application of computer technology, business communication, working aspect. Finance academic, technical and guidance in one. For meteorology, hydrology, water resources, agriculture, forestry, aviation, environmental protection, marine, geology and other departments to read scientific and technical personnel, but also for teachers and students refer to the relevant colleges. (Translated by machine.)